Please Bang My Wife – Editor’s Corner!


Hello dear readers,

My name is Mary. I did the translation editing for Please Bang My Wife, and I write to you today with the gravest of news concerning this charming title.

Good gentlewomen who may be considering purchasing this tale, be forewarned that it contains a character who is both a Cad and a Scoundrel, one Okada Kazuki.

Your scandalized gasps are well justified, noble ladies! For Kazuki is a rogue of the worst sort.

And what is the worst sort, I hear you ask behind your handkerchiefs. Does the man rip open the blouse and underthings of the sweet young bride Mariko, like some Fabio-covered romance novel pirate of old? Does he lie to her, promising love when he feels only lust? Does he treat her poor husband scornfully and with contempt?

Nay, sisters! I warn you, his crimes are far greater. For he is forthright, tender, polite, and personable. He is, as one speaking in the vernacular of this game’s entertainingly blunt title might phrase it, really damn cool and nice.

No matter how much you rightfully loathe homewreckers (as I do myself), you will find yourself drawn to the man, utterly against your will. You’ll find yourself liking him, perhaps even feeling sympathy towards him, as the tangled webs of betrayal entwining the fates of our three characters pull their knots tighter.

I wanted to hate the man and yet found myself seduced completely. Ladies, he has Wiles.

I address you now as one fallen from good station, forced to eke out a life working in the translation factories as an editor. Mine is a cautionary tale!

I do not seek to warn you off the game entirely, for it is as I say a charming drama of marital unrest and wife-banging. All I wish to offer is a word of warning. He has already turned the lives of Mariko and Yasushi upside-down, as well as ruining my own future in society. If you do not keep your wits about you, yours may be the next notch on this philanderer’s bedpost!

Please Bang My Wife will be available this Friday! Pre-order now to save 10%!

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  1. LOL.

    Thou warning of perilous men has backfired, at least, as one with misguided ideas of it’s purpose being to ward off tender hearts, but nay! I have seen through thine treacherous plot!

    Mine is a heart that is only further intrigued by such depictions of sweet agony. How embarrassed am I, to have fallen for a such a delightful scheme?

  2. So, I had exactly 0% interest in this title before reading this… but now I’m kind of intrigued. I’ll keep an eye out for reviews.

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