The Stargazers Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

Today, we have a tester’s corner from Opernlied!

The Stargazers is a colorful space adventure, both in its art and cast of characters. While there are a lot of stars in space, the ones getting the attention are the crew of the Shooting Star, so it’s not going to be some epic space odyssey spanning multiple galaxies.

Although the story follows the adventures of Temperance, Risty, and Viiflidi, the center of the crew is Temperance, or Tem, as she prefers to be called. I consider her the center because she’s the newcomer of the crew, and her arrival is a turning point with the other two main characters. Her disciplined personality contrasts greatly with the attitudes of the others, and it becomes all too noticeable with their interactions between each other. If I dare make a comparison, Tem is very similar to Azusa Nakano from K-On!, both being eager newcomers that are disappointed at the lack of seriousness in the environment they arrive in. I suppose there’s more to compare with K-On!, if you were replace the high school light music club with robots and piloted mechas in space. I mean, they’re both light-hearted stories! But I digress.

Anyway, the perspective system is certainly a highlight of The Stargazers and its story. Sure, Tem is a pretty big deal, but seeing the thoughts behind the analytical Risty and the playful Viiflidi and understanding the motivations behind their actions undoubtedly adds a lot more to their characters, as well as the group dynamic with the trio. The different perspectives also offer flashbacks, shedding backstory on various things, like the characters’ reasons for going into space. Even though you are given the option to switch perspectives throughout the story, it seems to make the most sense to simply stick with one character until the end, but the option is there, I suppose.

With all that said, the one particular issue I should mention is that while there’s a story arc of sorts with a conclusion, there’s Stuff That Happens and the whole idea with the space setting leaves a whole lot of room for more. But there isn’t, so you might end up hoping the developers continue the adventures of the Shooting Star.

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