Kuroinu Ch. 1 Editor’s Corner Vol. 1

Balistafreak would like to give you a short overview of the erotica you can expect to see in Kuroinu Ch. 1!

One does not simply buy a nukige without doing research on the content within.

Let’s get this out of the way immediately. If you like romantic lovemaking under the covers, in the missionary position, with the lights turned off, holding hands, for the purpose of procreation – turn away from Kuroinu. Fly, you fools, for there is nothing at all lovey-dovey contained within!

Kuroinu Chapter 1 tells the stories of three heroines: Olga, the dark elf queen of the Black Citadel; Chloe, her most loyal retainer; and Claudia, the captain of the esteemed knightly order of the Dawn Templars stationed at the Sixth fortress.

Non-consensual intercourse (less politely and more popularly known as “rape”) is the core element found in each and every one of Kuroinu’s H-scenes. Of these scenes, many also feature public exhibition and humiliation. You’ll be seeing a certain wooden stage in a certain city square quite often, with heroine taking her turn (or turns!) atop its rickety timbers before the masses for their entertainment.

That said, each heroine’s arc has its own special twist on these central themes of rape and humiliation. Olga Discordia’s defining trait is her ironclad pride as a queen. The pressure of her presence is initially so overwhelming that even the rapacious denizens of the Cuntry are reluctant to approach her. It’s up to Vult to figure out precisely how to break her resistance down and convince the citizenry to have their way with her. I won’t spoil the exact details, but let’s just say that Vult is a horribly clever and manipulative man, and that in due time the haughty dark elf queen will end up serving the Cuntry just like the rest of its women…

Chloe, the only other woman in the Black Citadel and Olga’s closest companion, is not actually a full dark elf. She’s actually a half-breed, neither fully human or dark elf and reviled by both. The only person to have showed her kindness in her life is her queen, Olga; because of this, Chloe is fanatically loyal to her to fault. Vult exploits this diehard loyalty of hers to blackmail her into… falling on a sword, so speak. Repeatedly. On many at once. And by sword, I don’t mean a sharpened length of steel. As if that weren’t enough, Chloe also has a dark past she’s loathe to discuss, that of her life before being taken in by Olga. Unfortunately for her, Vult’s done his footwork, and knows exactly who to bring in to bring all those repressed fears of hers back to the surface…

Finally, there’s Claudia Levantine, the commander of the religious band of knights known as the Dawn Templars. While she and her knights make a valiant effort at defending the Sixth Fortress, it all comes crumbling down when Vult brings in his trump card: the Dawn Templars’ former leader and Claudia’s very own father-in-law, General Grave. Why would this man agree to betray the very order he once commanded? Simple: he believes that his disowned son Claus, whom Claudia married, is impotent and unworthy to continue the Levantine bloodline, and, as they say, if you want something done, it’s best to do it yourself. To keep Claudia from resisting, Claus is taken hostage and used as leverage. As you can imagine, poor Claus gets cuckolded something awful, straining the relationship between the formerly happily married couple to its breaking point…

I hope this short overview of the erotica awaiting you within Kuroinu gave you a good idea of what to expect. I’m sure that many of you have gone cross-eyed and slack-jawed at the horrible, horrible things done to these poor women… and I’m sure even more of you are ready to buy the game the moment it becomes available on March 31st!

I’ll just leave you with one warning: please don’t try this at home.

Kuroinu Chapter 1 is now available for pre-order! On sale March 31st! Pre-order today to get your copy for 10% off!

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