Introduction to Dizzy Hearts

Today we’d like to take a moment to introduce the next big title coming from Studio Lupiesoft: Dizzy Hearts

For Studio LupiesoftDizzy Hearts represents a very special culmination of what drove them to start creating Visual Novels. First Kickstarted back in 2013, Dizzy Hearts is the original visual novel their studio wished to develop, it shows with how much care is being put into title. While it originally faced setbacks due to the scope they hoped to achieve, Lupiesoft has constantly been working on this product as they developed other titles to gain experience and continue producing visual novels. Now slated for release this year, Dizzy Hearts is poised to the studio’s biggest release to date in terms of both content and production value.

While Dizzy Hearts  may be set in the same world and timeframe as The Menagerie, the difference is almost night and day, with Dizzy Hearts focusing on the elves living on the night side of the planet. While Menagerie tells a tale of those kept as sexual pleasures for the opulently rich, Dizzy Hearts focuses on the royalty of elven society, the fiore–those rare few elves born with both genitals and the ability to propagate their otherwise all-female race.

In this coming age of tale, players will take the role of a traveling outsider from the day side, Seriva, who seeks to learn and understand the society of Lungarde elves as part of her journey to uncover new knowledge for her own society. Through her encounter with Princess Mercilia, a bastard princess and the youngest in the line of succession, Seriva is introduced to the culture of elves, as well as the pressures and duties the royalty bear as governors and progenitors for their people.

No family can be perfectly happy under such pressures, especially when all are obligated to form their own harem factions and vie to prove themselves worthy to lead and virile enough to reproduce. Even less so when said bastard proclaimed the heir. The strong religion of their society influences many matters and relationships as well, to say nothing of tense relations with another nation that lies on the trade routes between their kingdom and the day side.

There’s much to explore in this tale of duty, responsibility, dysfunctional love, and the weight of the crown. Coming to MangaGamer and Steam later this year, interested fans can check out their current Kickstarter to further expand the Dizzy Hearts tale with professional voice acting.

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  1. Come on Mangagamer, when are you going to release the licensing survey results?

    If this delay is because you’re busy negotiating the rights to Rance X and want to wait for that to finish, then please ignore this post. #prioritiesfirst

  2. They went from 6,600 to 7,500 from basically this and one update. That’s amazing.

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