Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ Kickstarter Updates

We’re in the final week of the campaign now, and there’s still $3,500 to go before Koropokkur is a confirmed success, so help us by getting out there on social media and recommending the project to your friends and communities! We need you to help bring this project to life!

Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ Kickstarter

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Premium Collector’s Bundle Tier. In addition to getting all the digital products in physical format, this Tier also gets you the special Koropokkur Wallscroll and T-Shirt. There are only 15 slots left on the Early Bird version of this Reward Tier, so snatch one up before they’re gone!

And today, we would like to share a compiled version of some of the project updates here on our blog!

Alpha Demo Unveiled!

While this Kickstarter has been going on, our development team has been hard at work putting together a rough sample of the game. Now that alpha demo is complete, and ready for you to look at!

That being said, please keep in mind this demo video is produced with an early in-development alpha. This means many aspects are still unfinished and unfinalized. We’ve managed to get most of the assets finalized in time to produce this video, but the event CG is still in its in-production, line-art state.

These unfinished aspects will change before the final release, and you’ll see more polish when the final release is ready. But if you want a sneak peak at what Koropokkurlooks like this early into development, you can check out this demo video and share it with your friends!


First off, we want to note that we’ll be fulfilling the add-ons through Backerkit, and most of these add-ons aren’t included in other reward tiers, so if any strike your fancy, you’ll want to adjust your pledge amount before the campaign closes to help reach the base goal and stretch goals for Koropokkur!

Our first add-on are keychains for each of the Koropokkur. With these keychains, you’ll be able to enjoy carrying Asirrera, Cirta, and Haruante around in the Koropokkur-sized forms! These cute accessories are a great addition to any ring and we promise Cirta won’t break them. Asirrera won’t make your keys disappear either.

Our second add-on is a traditional Japanese folding fan, made of real wood and paper. Summers are always hot, especially in convention halls packed with people, but these fans will help keep you cool when the going gets tough. Plus, with the special Koropokkur design on the paper they’ll also make a great a decorative display for your home when you’re not braving the heat for anime goods.

Our third add-on is a full graphic T-shirt, with a different design from the T-shirt found in the Premium Collector’s Bundle Tier and higher. This add-on T-shirt will feature the Koropokkur in a full color print directly on the shirt featuring the heroines of the game.

Our last new add-on is the cheering fan’s favorite happi overcoat! Often worn by fans heading out to concerts or as a way to sport all their collectibles, the Japanese happi coat is a light overcoat you can wear to show off your support! The happi coats will be produced in Japan, and all will be “Free size” (one-size-fits-all) under Japanese sizing standards.

We’re still finalizing the designs the T-shirts and Happi as well, so we want to hear from you! Tell us which character(s) you want to see featured on the T-shirts and Happi! You’ll find the poll linked below, so come let us know which Koropokkur you favor!

 Add-On Item Poll!!


If you would like the add-on items, please add the following amount to your pledge to secure your piece beforehand!

  • Acrylic Keychain – $10 each (3 available options)
  • Folding Fan – $20
  • Happi Coat – $150
  • Full Graphic T-shirt – $50
  • Express (EMS) Shipping Upgrade – $25

*Add-on items are only available for backers who pledged the $50 Physical Copy tier or higher.

Soundtrack Spotlight

While the visuals and story make often take prominence in Visual Novels, the music plays just as big a role in setting the scene. The music helps sets the atmosphere, pin down the mood, and enhance the experience delivered by the game.

This track, “A fantasia”, is one of the first heard in Koropokkur. When the game opens, it begins with Cirta and Haruante in the serene Koropokkur village, surrounded by pools of water and bright greenery.

As the scene shifts to Asirrera, freshly arrived at Akihabara, the music changes to this track, “Make my day”, shifting with the excitement and curiosity filling our heroine as she gawks at the skyscrapers and other features absent from her rural home.

Later, we enter Petit fille, the maid cafe run by Satoru. His goal of creating a relaxing atmosphere, a place where people can recover from the stresses and burdens of life, is packed into his cafe and the way he runs it, so it’s only fitting the music helps elicit that.

At present, there are nine tracks total featured in Koropokkur, two of which include vocals. All of these tracks will be included in the Kickstarter exclusive Original Soundtrack.

Backer Achievements

Let’s push this project out there and get those backer rewards!

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