Kuroinu Chapter 3 – Translator’s Corner

Hi, I’m the translator for Kuroinu Chapter 3, and it was quite the wild ride even coming off of Kuroinu Chapter 2.

Last game featured blowjobs, anal, a young dominatrix. This game? A Cyclops cock the size of a tree trunk slamming into a small halfing and the spikes of a monstrous turtle’s shell impaling a woman from below. Intense stuff for sure, but perhaps worst of all is simply the tragic tale of one-sided love. Kuroinu Chapter 3 ramps up the intensity of both the sex scenes and the story in a way very fitting for the conclusion of the Kuroinu chapters.

Just like last time, each heroine has their own theme fetish wise, though things are less clear cut in general than the last game. Lulu has quite a small body and her scenes center around things of increasing size going into her – I’m sure many of you reading this are familiar with those scenes in the Kuroinu OVA adaptation. That’s simple enough, but Maia and Celestine are more abstract. Maia’s route was written primarily with telling the story of her relationship with Vult in mind, so a lot of her scenes are focused on exploring her mental state while Vult is a general bastard to her (in the form of gangbangs, emotional manipulation and more). Celestine’s scenes focus on both her massive tits and her gradual corruption from a genuine Goddess who loves her people with all her heart to a… well, play the game and find out! Suffice to say, as a fan of sexual corruption, Celestine’s scenes were my favorite part of all three Kuroinu chapters. The big tits helped too!

In case it wasn’t obvious from my description of Maia’s route, this game’s story is a step above the last one in terms of emotional intensity. It feels like they saved the most heartrending routes for last, as each heroine has more than their fair share of tragedy. Nowhere does Kuroinu establish itself as a dark and heavy nukige better than in Chapter 3. By the end of it was I almost more interested in seeing where the characters ended up than I was in the porn… almost.

Well, that’s that. With this release the three chapters of Kuroinu will all be out. It’s been a wild ride working on games this intense and I appreciate anyone who rode the Kuroinu Roller Coaster with me. At last one of the most legendary hentai OVAs are all time has its source materiel translated and available in English, uncensored. It’s been an honor.

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  1. For some reason your description of Lulu’s scenario is making me think of the Cinema Snob’s “Will It Fit?” running jokes

  2. Just wondering why you skipped so many scenes?

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