Otakon 2018 Announcements!

Today, we’re excited to announce several new title acquisitions!

Our first new license announcement is a title yuri fans will enjoy – SukeraSparo’s The Expression Amrilato!

At first glance, The Expression: Amrilato is an all-ages yuri tale of a girl named Rin who’s suddenly whisked away to another world, a rather common tale in anime, manga, and games. Yet what truly makes The Expression: Amrilato so unique and wonderful is the language barrier Rin faces. Though the girl who takes Rin in, Ruka, speaks a small spattering of Rin’s language, the language of this other world is entirely foreign and unknown to Rin. Lost in a world where she’s unable to communicate with others, Rin and the reader both must struggle together to learn the language of the world she finds herself in, which is represented with the actual language, Esperanto.

Players will be thrust head first into Rin’s predicament, surrounded by a world that communicates only in Esperanto, with her savior Ruka struggling to teach her their language. As the story unfolds, The Expression: Amrilato introduces language lessons that teach Rin and the player how to understand Esperanto, with the text in-game constantly evolving to show Rin’s incomplete knowledge of the language, whether it’s none at all, solely pronunciation of words, or whole words and phrases. As the language barrier falls, so too do the barriers keeping Rin and Ruka apart.

This exciting tale will be coming to MangaGamer and Steam!

Our second announcement is Kalmia8’s Fxxx Me Royally!! ~ Horny Magical Princess ~

If a kiss is a greeting, then sex is a conversation!

Marika, a princess from the land of Kamel’toh, has come to the planet Earth in search of a husband. There, she meets two innocent and virginal male college students.

Different worlds, different perspectives—can the princess overcome these obstacles and fall in love for the first time? ♪

In this brand new title from the creators of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, players take on the role of Kawai Marika, a princess from a sex-positive world full of magic that places no value on chastity. She’s teleported directly to Japan with one goal in mind: to score a husband from another world both for her own enjoyment, and to help bring new ideas and culture back to her own nation. As Marika, players will take the lead in the pursuit of two men who catch her upon arrival – the level-headed worrywart, Agatsuma Kaoru, and the considerate show-off, Takai Ryuusei. The power to choose and seduce either rests entirely in your hands!

Our third announcement is ChuableSoft’s Farther than the Blue Sky!

Ever since the skies were conquered, mankind has dreamed of soaring even higher out into space. Few have looked up at the stars without dreaming of rocketing off into the heavens, and that’s all the more true for the members of Byakko, a small rocket club at Amanoshima Academy, a prestigious academy renowned for its aerospace curriculum. Together, their team faces the challenge of winning the Max 5 competition, a competition to construct the highest soaring rocket under five meters tall, with past winners reaching altitudes of over 35 and 41 kilometers! Everyone around them expects them to fail, but can they achieve liftoff by summer’s end? With passions and excitement running high, what other catalysts are waiting to ignite in this award-winning tale of hard science, real engineering, friendship, and perseverance?

This contrail will only be found exclusively at MangaGamer!

And finally, MangaGamer is bringing the action with Alicesoft’s adult, magical girl raising sim, Beat Angel Escalayer!

When Kyouhei Yanase’s everyday life is interrupted by the invasion of an intergalactic menace, Dai-Lust, he chases after his fleeing classmate, Sayuka, only to find her ducking into an alley to jill off so she can transform into the magical superhero, Escalayer! With her powers awakened, she makes quick work of the initial invaders, but the threat to Earth is far from vanquished! In order to defend the planet and defeat the evil Dai-Lust, Kyouhei must power up her Dynamic ba-Dump Dynamo with hotter and more scandalous acts to develop and enhance her powers! Saving the world from extraterrestrial invaders has never been this hard and exciting!

Train, enhance, and develop your heroine! Scout out, fight, and destroy evil invaders! All in this sexy action tale exclusive to MangaGamer!

That’s it for Otakon this year! Come see us in a few months at AnimeNYC and check our announcements page for the latest information!



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  1. Huh, pretty good announcements overall. It’s not too far off from the quality of this year’s Anime Expo announcements.

    Yuri is a buy for me. I’m a simple man. Hopefully it being on Steam means that it will sell well. Well, yuri in general probably has been selling well considering how many yuri license announcements we’ve gotten.

    The otome game seems really funny. If I get through Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, I might buy it. I haven’t played too much of that title, but what little I have is honestly fun. I expected it to get a Steam release, but I suppose it being too lewd for Steam makes sense. Hope it sells fine regardless.

    As for Farther in the Blue Sky, it’s more notable for showing that Suki Suki is moving forward rather than anything of its own merits. Still, both it and Suki Suki seem like solid moege. I might buy them if I’m in the mood.

    And lastly, thanks so much for Escalayer. I’ve wanted this game ever since you guys released Haruka. I know that the Beat series isn’t exactly the most popular Alicesoft series in the West (at least compared to Rance, Evenicle, and maybe the the Dai series), but know that you have my money.

  2. Hum. Not a single one that interests me. But considering I practically had a heart attack from sheer joy after the anime expo announcements, I don’t mind in any way. Best string of mangagamer announcements I’ve ever seen this year, regardless.

  3. Given that MangaGamer’s twitter post of them opening up their booth had a wall poster of the second Koihime Musou game (one that I’ve been hoping for since buying the original) with their name on it these announcements while interesting are a massive let down.

    • Booth merch != game teaser. They had SKH stuff last year too, and they sold Fate stuff at AX. Your hopes were misplaced to begin with.

    • Booth merch != game announcement. They had SKH stuff last year too, and even sold Fate stuff at AX. Your hopes were misplaced.

    • They do that every year. It’s their way to show Koihime fans the finger. 🙁

      • Actually, it’s because Kouryuu loves Shin Koihime but he keeps getting things like Maggot Baits and is never free to actually work on if if we get it.

    • every year at their otakon panel i ask for 2 games Shin Koihime Musou and PoPoTan my chances at getting both are slim, but a man can dream. Seriously i would do anything for PoPoTan after watching the anime years ago i just wanna play that game to know what the fuck its like.Shin Koihime Musou is self explanitory. also wish they’d have more wall scrolls at otakon, in previous years they had a ton this year was slim pickings.

    • every year at the panel i ask for it and Popotan.

    • @Kuremisago True but I am old fashioned guy so if they had just sold an ordinary wall banner I would had thought nothing of it. But plaster your brand name over it and well your saying look at our product and thus hopes where raised.

      @ChaosRaven & @Gamegodtre Hadn’t realized they have been doing it for years hopefully the success of the Alicesoft games will show that customers actually want some gameplay in their games and they will revisit the back catalog of games from current partners

  4. Very nice news again. ^_^

  5. Given their twitter post of their booth showed a wall banner for Shin Koihime Musou 2 (A game I have been longing for since playing the first one) with MangaGammer written on it these announcements are quite a let down (from the conclusion I leapt to). Maybe something will turn up in Anime NYC

  6. Hm… No “Blue Sky” on Steam? So, you can’t get the agreement for Steam, as I can see… So sad.

  7. Wow, Escalayer Reboot! That’s not small deal! I played the original back in 2002 and the reboot also, and I will buy this again!

  8. Thank you for picking up more Alicesoft titles, Pastel Chime 3 and Tsumamigui 3 one day please! I’ll make sure to buy them and I’m glad that you resolved the issues with ChuableSoft, SukiSuki will be another day 1 buy for me.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. Please get Eushully and Astronauts’ gameplay titles. They’re in hot demand, surely they can be persuaded? Happy about the Alicesoft acquisitions at least!

  10. Daniel Walker Cole

    Oh man put me on the list for the second Koihime Musou game (playing the first right now actually even though 100% it long ago) and popotan even though I hear the anime is significantly less innocent than the game (which is a good thing for me but then I will likely buy maggot baits so..)

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