Sisterly Bliss Translator’s Corner, Vol. 2

Today, we have the second part to Dergonu’s Sisterly Bliss translator’s corner!

Hi, Dergonu here again, the translator for Sisterly Bliss. Today I would like to introduce the main characters of the game.

First off, we have Ichika, the responsible big sister.

Ichika is a smart girl, who tends to spend her time reading and studying instead of goofing around with friends. She is a part of the student council and is adored by many of the girls at school because of her quiet and mature personality.

She can be a little stubborn, and often takes rules a bit too seriously.

But, there is nothing Ichika loves more than doting on her little sister, Futaba. Ichika wakes up Futaba in the morning, helps her get dressed and overall does pretty much everything for her sister.

She isn’t very honest with herself though, and tends to keep her own feelings hidden, putting on a fake smile even if she isn’t feeling well. But whenever she is feeling down, seeing Futaba’s innocent smile will always cheer her up again.

Futaba is the complete opposite of her calm, diligent sister. She hates studying and spends her time either hanging out with friends or exercising. Or eating candy. She loooves candy. She is the ace of her school’s tennis club, thanks to her great reflexes. Her outgoing personality makes her quite popular, and she too has a lot of fans at school as a result.

Futaba is a simple girl, always saying what she is thinking out loud, pretty much regardless of the situation. She seemingly never runs out of energy and pounces on her sister to sneak in a hug whenever she can.

While she isn’t too bright, she manages to keep her grades at a somewhat acceptable level thanks to her sister’s help.

In addition to the two main heroines, Ichika and Futaba, their childhood friends Saki and Yuri are another set of important characters in this story. The four of them have been friends since kindergarten, and always hang out together at school.

Yuri is Ichika’s classmate, and my personal favorite character in the game. She is a goofy, perverted and sarcastic girl who jokes around more often than not. She claims that Saki’s boobs belong to her and carries around a notebook which she fills with information on girls’ underwear. You know, as you do.

But, she knows how to step up when she needs to, despite of her goofy exterior. She is very sharp and can read the twins like open books. If her friends seem troubled, she will always swoop in to save the day. Though, she rarely stays serious for long, and always has a joke in store to break the ice when needed.

Saki is Futaba’s classmate, and the caring mother figure in the group.

Just like Yuri, Saki can easily tell when something is bothering the twins, even if they don’t know it themselves. But, unlike Yuri, she doesn’t try to hide her concern behind silly jokes. She excels at cooking, and watches over her friends like they were her children. She also helps keep Yuri’s rampant pervertedness in check.

Honestly, the group does kind of remind me of a family. Yuri is the perverted dad, Saki the kind mother and the twins are their daughters. It’s a fun and diverse gang, and the scenes where all four are together were among my favorites ones to work on. (Especially anything involving Yuri and her silly jokes.)

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