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Sabbat of the Witch from NekoNyan is now available for purchase! Get 10% off when you purchase your copy during launch week!

Hoshina Shuuji has a secret: He has a mysterious power that allows him to perceive the emotions of others.

One of Shuuji’s classmates, Ayachi Nene, likewise has her own grave secret: She will randomly experience periods of strong arousal, something which she has no control over. The two of them had nothing to do with one another beyond just being classmates, until one day, when Shuuji stumbled upon a scene that defied his wildest imaginations. Ayachi Nene, THAT Ayachi Nene is pressing her crotch against the corner of a library table… using it to MASTURBATE?!

Following that one accident, two strangers became friends. They bonded with one another through their shared secrets, and from this, Shuuji came to learn about certain things. That is, not only about the reason for Nene’s random ‘fits’ where she gets uncontrollably aroused, but also about the existence of people called ‘witches’—-Nene’s secret actions as a ‘witch’, and the ‘fits’ she goes through because of that serving as the magnet, a junior, an upperclassman, and a transfer student all congregate together.

Shuuji’s once normal life is thrown into chaos, and with that, a certain faint hope wells up inside of him:

“Maybe this will be the start of something new.”


  • Developer: Yuzusoft
  • Publisher: NekoNyan
  • Operating System: Windows XP or newer
  • Language: English text
  • Voice: Fully voiced (except MC.)
  • Content: Adult. Includes mosaics.
  • Resolution: 1280×720


  • Lighthearted yet surprisingly dramatic romance story
  • Gorgeous artstyle
  • Enticing supernatural elements
  • Well-designed main character who is more than just your generic protagonist
  • High number of vocal songs coupled with a varied and memorable arrangement of background music
  • Routes for four fantastic heroines and also one side heroine
  • 40-50 hours of content

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  1. Normally i would buy it straight away but sadly i don’t buy censored garbage. It’s bad enough anime games are getting censored nowadays If we keep buying censored stuff it’ll become a norm and I’m not planning on supporting that.

    I hope people will get common sense and won’t support these kinda release but i doubt it cause people will just make excuses like those SJW/NPC that nowadays are censoring stuff for feelings.

    • Well it’s a 3rd party title and MangaGamer are just selling it on their store. I’m pretty sure if it was their own license they would try to get it mosaic free like most of their catalogue. NekoNyan has their own forums, we should voice our complains there since I’m for mosaic free releases too my friend.

      • I know it’s a third party I’m not blaming them for this i just want to make people aware that if we keep buying games with Mosaic it might become a norm even for the west like it is in japan.

        I’m voicing my opinion on their site but i want to keep people aware that if we ignore certain signing we might end up with the same thing Sony is now doing to VN in general in the west and in JP. too many NPC these days that are content with censorship and i wanna make people aware that it’s either we make a stand for what we want or we let company’s dictate what we need to see.

        This isn’t against Manga gamer only when they release censored VN but more towards VN in general cause there are some company’s like Sekai project that just want an easy cash grab while laughing in the faces of the fans when they ask for mosaic free VN.

        • I wouldn’t jump to conclusions since sometimes decensor work isn’t so simple if the assets have to actually be redrawn, which to my understanding could be the case for this game.

          This also isn’t a question of localization specifically screwing over the release by cutting content, so overall I’d be grateful for the work done.

          • If you’ve ever been to one of the sites like 4chan with that i mean one of them not 4chan there were people that you could just ask to decensor pics you’d like to see decensored and they did the job for free with barely any hassle. for this game if i recall there is nothing drawn underneath so that means just some extra drawing to fill the empty parts.

            If i wanted a censored game with a translation I’d just go with the fan patches for these games. I don’t need to be treated like a 4yo because japan has the delusion censorship rule. i stand for freedom of expression and Speech and I’ll never support censorship that’s why i now stopped supporting PS4 with sony new censorship rules.

            Manga gamer and Jast USA should be happy with this cause that diverts that cash flow towards their games. as long as they bring em uncensored. Sekai project is just a plague and they’ll never get my money with their defilement of Muv-Luv and Grisaia. I hope they go bankrupt but sadly there are to many NPC these days.

        • OMG! Where were u guys!? I search such ppl as u but I only find comments like
          ‘Lets be happy that we have a new VN! Even with censorship!’
          Why such small amount of ppl like u and me says everywhere that mosaic is bad, censorship is bad and SP + MoeNovel should just end their ways of evil.
          Come on bros! Lets have a beer togheter! Lets say “NO” to censorship!

          • I’ve always been around just not in this branch of VN i just started buying these games the last 2 months. If you wanna find more people that are anti-censorship you should visit the site ”One Angry Gamer” a site against censorship and other delusional agenda that are getting forced on the gaming industry.

            You won’t find me there under this name cause i know how dangerous it is to just speak your mind against progressive garbage agenda that call for censorship.

            People are too easily Tools or NPC because that way you don’t have to make an effort to get your way those people are like lambs to the slaughter they’ll just nod yet to everything, I on the other hand think we need principle when it comes to common sense and that’s in short supply lately. Most people who want this stuff censored are people that don’t buy this or people that are just playing the all age version and think everybody needs to do that because they say so. Basically they like fascists.

            People also think publishers are like god, while they are also relying on their fan base to support them so there should be mutual respect and they should listen to fans when they want something and voice that to the makers of these VN so that it is taken into account and with our wallets we will vote if we approve.

            I’m personally a full on Anti-censorship stance in every way as long as it doesn’t cause any real harm to people, there is also no reason like sony to crack down on VN or to attack people on their opinion but sadly the world is turning more Orwellian and if this becomes a trend everything will be censored for the sake of fake sensibilities..

          • I’m one of the mosaics = no buy group too, but i tend to tell them on their own official stores or forums since MG has no handle over 3rd party games.

    • Dude.. Your talkling like shits been cut off or scenes Deleted.. i am going to be blunt here..
      Its just pussy censoring and nothing more.. plus if you heard on NokoNyan forums Yuzusoft said that there is nothing drawn under to mosaics plus they dont want their cgs to be altered by anyone else.. this was what the devs said to Nekonyan Before pyblihsing this title..

      Also that website OneAngryGamer that you mentioned.. is all about Entire scenes been deleted or Massive cut contents especially JPRG related.. like how Sony is censoring Senran Kagura.. all that shit.. That channel is not about Pussy Censoring in VNs….

      Also i hate to break it to you but all those recent announcements made by Xev(Since you are on 4chan i assume you know who he is) will all have pussy mosaics..

      • ”dont want their cgs to be altered by anyone else” Off course they don’t that cost extra money and effort and they just don’t wanna bother with it cause NPC fans would buy it regardless if they had to go the extra mile.

        This site reports in general if things are censor even when they have mosaic when they do the reviews i made sure he became aware of mentioning it in his articles and how he could find out if they are censored or not. if you feel obligated to buy them go Ahead but there are also people like me who aren’t planning on being a NPC like you and just buy it because the notion if we don’t buy it it’ll disappear.

        And why should i care about Xev? like anybody or any company that censors their stuff I’ll just pirate and play it that way. like i said why would i support censorship or do loser like you wanna get the same level of censorship sony does right now to become the standard?

      • Also, you have a pretty delusional way of thinking when you said it’s just pussy censorship, cause with Sony’s policy i could just say ”it’s skin censorship” so you’d be ok with that too i take it? cause NPC tools always think in simple term never long term and what effect censorship i general has.

        • ” “”Off course they don’t that cost extra money and effort”” Visual Novels have been releasing in Japan in this state since before you were even born.. but then again NPC tools never research facts before spouting non sense..What your Playing is a Product that was made and Developed in Japan.. using their laws and rights.Western Publishers just Translate and re release it in the West.. Even Manga gamer needs to take a permission of the Developer inorder to decensor/draw under the mosaics

          Also I just stated what it is.. Its up to you to buy or not buy it.. or Pirate it for that matter…I mean its an NPC move so its doesn’t matter.. The Only End result will be that JP Devs will entirely stop handing down licences to Western Publishers and will focus more on Chinese/Korean/Asian licences.. And that will be a great move since there is a great demand for that in our Nations than compared to all the NPC pirates sitting in the West..

          • most VN make money right now in japan on Consoles like ps4, But right now sony is censoring them like there is no tomorrow meaning most VN will go PC or Switch because japanese publisher are now forced to get their game rated by Sony Interactive Entertainment new location which is California, so VN publisher are now forced if they wanna release their title to submit all data in English for publishing even if the titles is to release in japan itself.

            So if they wanna make more money they will go PC and their console sales will be lower, Like senran kagura creator said sony new Policy will make Japanese devs suffer for making games like VN in general because not many Japanese have a PC.

            In the end they would love to get into the western market more so they are ears open because the western market is bigger than japan.

            NPC is also used as a docile person that stands for nothing and will go with the flow simply cause either a person or company says so and can’t stand on common sense principles. If we want more uncensored VN only our wallets will make it happen cause publisher wanna make money and the more people voice it and make incentive by only buying if uncensored the more they are willing to keep it in.

            Pirating isn’t an NPC move if you do it in a form of protest only NPC would buy an incomplete product cause they have this dumb notion if i don’t buy it we’ll never get it again. Your whole stance on Censorship is a form of being a NPC cause you’ll just go with the flow instead of making a stand against it.

            ”JP Devs will entirely stop” dumbest notion ever because they wanna make more money and piracy in general remains rampant anyway, Hence why manga author are saying they wish people would just stop and buy their product i for one think that is a more reasonable reason to buy because the author is bringing something of value in original form while these VN release are incomplete in the western form.

      • I don’t live in Japan to need to watch their ugly mosaic censorship. That law in first place is dumb.. Also if devs like YuzuSoft or Minori comes to west market for western money they should adapt and prepeare their product to sell for western market client. Censorship is a censorship, deleted scenes or ugly pixels in the half of the screen. They don’t care cuz they know that it is niche product and most will ppl gladly accept anything cuz they can’t japanese so they don’t care about adapting or rise their quality. I don’t know how MG is doing that and only Minori and some other devs i can count on my fingers, are only one to resist their charm but keep doing good work.

        • Let me tell you a Fact..

          Visual Novels are already as popular as they Could be here in Japan.. Infact there are Monthly or bi monthly releases of them.. there are so many of them here that it gets overwhelming Interactive 3D sim VNs like KoiKatu etc are getting extremely Popular too..Infact we dont need to even licence it outside Japan.. But Devs still do to make that extra Buck.. either that or the company is in desperately need of money … Everything in between is just Japanese exclusive i mean you guys dont even get 1/4th of the stuff that we have here…Countries like China etc just use fantranslations since its easy to translate to Chinese, comparatively translating to English is way more Hectic and difficult..And Yes all SolPress releases will have pussy mosaics like it or not… Even Irotoridori

          • If u mean english VN.. Pls stop.. It is a blasphemy. VN genre is still a niche. Comparing it to other game releases. And about mosaic pls show me 100% proof info from publishers. Otherwise is not a thing I should believe cuz I have different information. : )

          • ”Monthly or bi monthly” that has been so for years and if you garbage claim were true then 2 VN studio right now wouldn’t bankrupt so you’re just telling fantasy tales to make it look if we don’t buy it it’ll disappear the standard excuse for an NPC desperate to sell a company’s product for them.

            There is also a reason why VN publishers are speaking out towards sony policy cause they know it has a bigger fanbase than PC. If they were so reliant on PC they wouldn’t have bothered stating it or worried about it so you claim only 5% percent sales come from consoles so please proof this with actual data if your so sure instead of just overreacting to make yourself seem right? so please show me this so called factual data graph?

            For some reason i can’t reply on your other comment about this.

      • And if all Sol Press announcments gonna have mosaic then answer is simple. No money for them from me. GG, WP.

        • Same for me if they wanna make money get us the product how it was originally meant to be even these game makers didn’t mean for it to be censored it just get’s censored because of the Japanese dumb laws for this.

          Japan VN makes are now gonna be in a tight spot with PS4 new policy for censorship because even Japanese devs are now required to submit the games with English description for approval by Sony in English, while most Japanese devs don’t speak or can write English meaning they either go Switch for uncensored games or PC while PC in japan isn’t big meaning they’ll need to expand westward.

          This is where we as people can make the change by enforcing uncensored or no money stance. If we say or do nothing we’ll just get censored garbage cause they think it doesn’t matter anyway to the fans.

          • First of all PS4 has nothing to do with VNs,, Releasing a vn on PS4 is just an added optional thing..

            Over here VNs are Primarily released on PCs
            of all the VNs released till now hardly 5 % of those are released on consoles….
            So PS4 California branch censoring VNs or otherwise is irrelevant since VNs are never meant for console releases in the first place.. it will hardly affect anything here..

            What actually will be affected are rpg games that are console exclusives.. rpg game devs will soon start focusing on PCs. or handhelds this is what will change… Nothing will change as far as VNs are concerned..And if we find that western VN licences are nothing but waste of money and time.. then we will stop handling out licences to western publishers altogether.. in the End we have nothing to lose from it.. only you guys do.. Good luck with your fan translations then..

        • Well this is a surprise i didnt notice that newton was actually fully uncensored.. well if that is the case.. then yea maybe other solpress titles will be completely uncensored.. atleast The Laplacian ones will be

    • I understand and agree with your view on this. Sexual content shouldn’t be shamed. I don’t mind games with no mature content, but I wont support paying for a product with content removed from it. If it was supposed to be there it better be when I buy it or I feel like I’m being ripped off.

  2. It’s nice that we finally got Yuzusoft localizations. Hoping Dracu-Riot will also be available on Mangagamer whenever that’s ready.

    Also worth mentioning, people have had some issues with Avast antivirus flagging the game executable file, myself included, meaning some people will have to manually go into their settings to create an exception.

    • AVG antivirus does the same thing, luckily the AVG pop-up gives you an option to add executable to your exceptions. Otherwise you’ll have to manually add it to your exceptions.

  3. Regardless of the censored CGs, its still a very well done VN. Its worth playing.

  4. If you are that entitled about censored cgs i wouldn’t be surprised if aren’t just one of those people that pirate games and make up reasons for it

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