Slave’s Sword 2 – On Sale Now!

Slave’s Sword 2 from Kagura Games is now available on! Haven’t played the first game yet? Get Slave’s Sword for 30% off during the sequel’s launch week!

In Slave’s Sword 2, Luna, a former aristocratic knight of the Empire, returns as the main character. Now having escaped and liberated the Free City, she once again finds herself in a terrible predicament. Will she be able to escape again? Find out in this sequel to Slave’s Sword!


  • Developer: Kagura Games
  • Content: Adult
  • Mosaics: None
  • Language: English text
  • Voice: Partially Voiced
  • Genre: Doujin, RPG, Fantasy
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  1. Slave’s Sword is great and all, but most of us are waiting for the Master’s Hyperweapon to show up 😛

  2. Nice! One of the few RPGM games that are really good.
    And no mosaics (uncensored) is huuuuuuuge plus. Yet another game to my collection.

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