Evenicle Hardcopy — Now Available for Pre-Order!

Alicesoft’s Evenicle is coming soon to hardcopy! This physical edition includes a reversible cover, game disk, and two OST disks! On sale July 11th!

Attending Anime Expo? Get your copy on-site a week early!

When Mother Eve created the world, she gave humans two rules to follow.

One– any given person may only ever have one sexual partner, and two– killing another human being is forbidden.

All philanderers and murderers lose Mother Eve’s blessing, and such sinners are branded as Outlaws and shunned. The strongest people may be permitted to become Knights, and are allowed to marry multiple partners, so as to better pass down their superior genes.

Asterisk, our hero, wants to marry his two beautiful twin sisters. His solution to this quandary? “I’ll become a Knight and have lots of wives!”

Thus, one young man sets off on an adventure!


  • Developer: Alicesoft
  • Rating: Adult. Uncensored.
  • Voice: Partial voice
  • Content: RPG, Fantasy
  • Language: English text, Japanese audio
  • OS: Windows Vista or newer
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  1. Yay more hardcopies! Def will buy this and other hardcopies at Anime Expo!

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