The Expression Amrilato Steam Delay

Today, we at MangaGamer released The Expression Amrilato on our storefront and GOG. We believe The Expression Amrilato to be a linguistic marvel of localization in which it teaches players the language of Esperanto through a touching story centered around ideas of communication, social connections, and building lasting, meaningful relationships with others through mutual understanding.

Despite its high educational value, Valve has rejected The Expression Amrilato due to their vague and increasingly unpredictable approval process. Our staff is at a loss for what content Valve could have possibly objected to, as other storefronts, like GOG, have not taken issue with it.

Its future on Steam is, for now, uncertain. Our team is actively pursuing additional storefronts, including Discord, for its release. Customers looking to enjoy this title can find it now on our website or today.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team via email (

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  1. I really have the feeling that Steam auditors have something against younger looking girls…
    But even then, Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! is aloud and they look younger to me.
    It’s just such a subjective system.

  2. Steam is a lost cause unfortunately. It’s not worth the effort of compliance.

  3. I don’t how to feel about this, I can only buy games on Steam thanks to its large payments options available there and I feel bad no able to buy games outside of Steam, is very unfortunately that Valve are doing this despite the last year they said that will allow +18 games.

    This is a kind of discrimination against japanese (and alike) content.

  4. Just change the localization to say that the characters are 21 years old and in highschool. Even if anyone can see that’s it’s clearly not the case this will help clear the potential issues in certain countries.

  5. Steam really are being dickheads. Their approval process needs a major overhaul.

  6. Evenicle was allowed on Steam, but this is too much? More evidence that Steam lacks a concrete review process and what gets through is based sorely on personal tastes of the individual looking at the game.

  7. Probably because the short girl is presented as being in mid school (12-15). The other girl is presented as being in high school, so she may be 18. Which means in some countries (mine for example) – one girl could be an adult, the other girl a child.
    Just a guess, though.

  8. In some states, high school students are labeled as minors even if they are 18 or 19. It was a big issue at a store i worked at because we had a 19 year old girl who was classified as a minor by the state because she was still in high school. Which meant she couldn’t work in certain jobs within the store.

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  12. Steam continues to conduct business in ways I don’t understand. Well, now I try to avoid Steam unless I have no other option.

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