The Expression Amrilato — Tester’s Corner Vol. 2

Today on the blog, we have a tester’s corner from Jasmena!

Hi there! I’m here to say a few words about The Expression Amrilato. This was my first beta testing experience, and between the vibrant art, adorable characters, and a few surprises, it was a blast!

The game follows Rin, an awkward, insecure, and otherwise wholly relatable tomboy, as her mundane life changes forever when she is unexpectedly transported into a parallel world. Everything is eerily familiar, except the sky is pink, she can’t communicate with locals, and her house seems to have disappeared..?! Uh oh. Luckily for Rin, she quickly encounters the adorable Ruka, who becomes her best friend, mentor, and more~

While the story follows a fairly standard trajectory of developing friendship and romance, there is a special element that makes this game unique, and that is the language spoken in Rin’s parallel world: Juliamo. As the player, you follow along with Rin’s journey (and her struggle!) to communicate with everyone around her, including Ruka. As she learns Juliamo, so do you!

The gameplay is peppered with in-game activities, study guides, and even quiz mini games to get you reading Juliamo in no time. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, don’t worry–Juliamo is a central theme of the game, but the more formal quizzes and exercises can be turned off, leaving you as a spectator of Rin’s language journey rather than an active participant.

For those who do enjoy the language aspect, there is a further surprise: Juliamo is actually a real-world language called Esperanto, which is spoken by over 1 million people around the globe. That’s pretty cool, I’d say–how often do you walk away from a game with some shiny new language skills?

The game definitely has a science fiction tone and while the story focuses primarily on Rin and Ruka, the world they inhabit is mysterious and intriguing, leaving you hungry for more details about the setting and the people who live there. Overall, I had a lot of fun playing it. The characters are endearing, the language struggle is real, and occasional bits of insight about the world paint a much deeper story. As for the big questions: Will Rin ever get back to her own world? If it means leaving Ruka behind, would she even choose to? You’ll have to play the game to find out!

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