Farther Than the Blue Sky – 4Koma #1 & 2

To celebrate the upcoming release of Farther Than the Blue Sky, we will be uploading a series of 4Koma to the blog! Today, we will be featuring #1 and #2!

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  1. Love how it’s poking fun at typical slice of life tropes in Japanese entertainment.

    • As true as that is, damn… I’d still pay money for an otome/nukige that actually involved some aspects related to actual rocketry to some small degree in the game, as opposed to just using it as yet another freely interchangeable pretext / McGuffin / background that plays absolutely no role beyond motivating the story. It wouldn’t even need to be an actual mini-game (not that I would opposed that), it would just need to tie the progress of the story inextricably to unmistakably rocketry-related concepts, tasks and challenges…

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