Payment Processor Issues Resolved! Pre-Orders, Releases, and more!

Good evening, everyone! Thank you for being so incredibly patient and understanding these last eleven weeks. Our management team has worked tirelessly to find a solution and we’re pleased to report that our payment processor issues have now been resolved!

Customers who wish to pre-order Farther than The Blue Sky, Sengoku Rance, and Hashihime of the Old Book Town may now do so on our website with your credit card. If you do experience issues, you’re always welcome to contact our customer support directly via email ( for assistance.

Farther than the Blue Sky and Sengoku Rance will launch, as scheduled, at midnight EDT on our website tomorrow! Customers can expect to see both titles discounted for 10% off each during launch week!

Hashihime of the Old Book Town‘s September 26th release will remain unchanged and customers can also expect a 15% off discount through launch week!

But wait, there’s more! Within the next one to two weeks, we will be hosting a special sale to show our gratitude for being so patient and understanding. Details on this sale will be released at a later date, so keep your eyes peeled!

Update (9/19/2019):

Android Store Closure

Due to the limitations of our existing Android and unexpected developments on the Android market, we will be closing down our android store. The store itself will remain open until July 31st, 2020, or until the store’s shared server is shut down by its owners, but no new purchases will be possible after today.

Customers who have used our android app store and wish to permanently retain their games on their device may be do so by following these steps:

1) Download the final version of the app here:
2) Run the app, and go the settings menu of your game
3) Run “Full download: Full Game Download”
4) Repeat 2 & 3 for each individual game.

Once the server is unavailable we will no longer be able to host the games, so please conduct all downloads before that time.

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  1. Excellent! Seeing how the problems started just when I finally had the money to order something again, I’ve been quite literally waiting to give you my money.

  2. I’d love it if your sale would include something fresh. Like Navel games. Glad you resolved your payment processor issues. Let’s celebrate this with licensing Otoboku 2, please?

  3. Great to hear the issues are resolved. I was going to pull the trigger on some games last sale when the troubles started with your payment processor, so great to hear a sale is coming up.

  4. Glad to see the payment processor is back up and running. Think I’ll wait for that sale though, as I may be purchasing quite a few games.

  5. That’s really good news!

  6. Does this payment processor allow you to host hypnosis works?

  7. Congratz on getting pay back up. Picked up 3 titles including the new Father than the Blue Sky to celebrate.

  8. Sale gib pls.

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