Amatarasu Riddle Star – Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

Today on the blog, we’ve got a tester’s corner from Ant25b!

What would happen if you stopped believing in your dreams? What would happen if those dreams you once believed in, suddenly came crashing down from the stars right before your eyes? Well, Amatarasu Riddle Star aims to answer that in a fun, beautifully illustrated VN that takes cues from classic fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland.

To kick things off well look at the general synopsis of the story. The story revolves around Doumoto Takaya and his childhood friend Yua, and the events that take place after having a late night picnic while star gazing. After some time stargazing, they spot a few shooting stars. They then both make wishes that will change their town and bring an end to the dull monotony of their current reality. The shooting stars that they had just made wishes on, begin to fall to their little town and changes their lives from then on.

As for the characters that you’ll be interacting with. The characters (I assume) are loosely based on major characters from Alice in Wonderland, with their own unique twist and personality traits. The character designs don’t feel out of place in the story and are very well done. There are the usual quirks with each character that have them fall under normal tropes, but the interactions with those characters allow them to remain unique to the story. When going through each character’s respective routes, different aspects of the main character’s past will be revealed as well as any secrets that character may have.

You get a handful of choices for each character before continuing on their route and it never feels like your choices don’t make a difference. The dialog between the main character and the potential love interests is fun and lighthearted to start, and after you get into the routes, becomes a bit more serious once you start to get to know the character and their respective pasts. There’s plenty of humor throughout the game and more then a few moments that will tug at your heart strings.

If you enjoy lots of fun characters with a very memorable story, then I can absolutely recommend this VN. This being my first beta test with Manga Gamer, I was very happy to be able to test such a lovely VN. Although I was a little overwhelmed at the start, I enjoyed every moment of testing this game.

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