Magic & Slash — On Sale Now!

Lunasoft’s Magic & Slash – Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure – is now available for purchase exclusively on!

An orthodox fantasy adventure starring the apprentice adventurer, Riru!

Her story begins in a small, frontier town known as Cain Village. One day, the road leading into the village is suddenly blocked off by a sea of trees that sprouted up overnight. Worse yet, savage monsters begin to take up residence in this new forest, threatening the safety of those living in the village.

In response to this developing crisis, Luis, a young man running the village’s inn, writes to his sister, an adventurer named Tanya, seeking her help in investigating this dramatic change in the land.

With her brother’s letter in hand and her apprentice Riru in tow, Tanya returns to her hometown where her brother awaits…!


  • A true action RPG with swords and magic, developed by LunaSoft!
  • Collect powerful items and customize Riru with unique abilities and gear!
  • Collect rare and legendary items in order to fight monsters!
  • Select a class: Melee or Caster!
  • Whenever Riru takes damage, watch as your clothes are ripped to shreds!
  • If Riru is brought to her knees in battle, she’ll be at the mercy of all kinds of monsters, who are all very eager to have their way with her!
  • Discover unlockable achievements
  • Various difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hell)


  • Developer: LunaSoft
  • Uncensored & Uncut!
  • Resolution: 1280×720
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