Magic & Slash — Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

Today on the blog, we have a tester’s corner from Paragonias!

Hello everyone, Paragonias here with another Tester’s Corner!

So this time we have Magic & Slash –Riru’s Sexy Grand Adventure–, a lighthearted 2D action RPG akin to games like Diablo, but sexier! And with actual sex, too!

The story is about Riru, an apprentice adventurer who came to her master’s home village after the latter received a letter requesting help with the disposal of some orcs. If only Riru knew that this was the start of her very own grand adventure…

And so it begins.

As far as gameplay goes the game itself is very self-explanatory, pick a class you like, kill stuff, get better gear, and kill more stuff to get even better gear. I have to admit though, the loop of collecting items and killing mobs more efficiently is still as addicting as ever. Getting decked out in full legendary items and killing enemies in droves feels great after a little grinding and some luck with RNG.

Just keep in mind that Riru will face a fate worse than death should the monsters she’s fighting overpower her…

…unless that’s what you’re aiming for.

And since we’re talking about H-scenes already, there’s a lot of them for your viewing pleasure, with variations for the class you’re using at the moment. You absolutely can finish the game without Riru having sex whatsoever, but as you’ll see upon playing the game, it will make your life a lot more difficult later.

You might’ve figured it out by now, but the game itself is more game than Visual Novel so expect most of your time being spent on killing stuff, grinding levels, improving your stats, fulfilling quests and managing your inventory, instead of reading.

Magic & Slash was the first time I had my hands on an actual gameplay-focused game, so it was a new experience to me and I’m glad to report, that I enjoyed playing it from start to finish.

BIG props to fellow beta tester Galblade, the madman who volunteered to test the game on the “Nightmare” and “Hell” difficulties, the latter even driving some of the original Japanese staff to despair. If you want to challenge yourself, you know what to do.

I tried Nightmare mode myself for my own amusement and it didn’t go well at all, so I gave up on that, haha.

Anyways, with that, I hope to see you soon™.

P.S.: Yes, the game is uncensored. No mosaics.

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