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CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 from KISS is now available for purchase on!

One day, the protagonist was told to meet his uncle. His uncle told him he had newly opened a future-next generation Empire Club which was customizable and filled with new possibilities. Unexpectedly, his uncle generously handed over the ownership of Empire Club…

However, Empire Club was secretly in huge debt. Although he cursed his uncle for fleeing outside of the country neglecting Empire Club as it was, he had no choice but to run the place. Not only he had to save the club from debt, there were so many outrageous problems. It was obvious that it wouldn’t be easy to solve everything. In front of the protagonist who was totally at a loss, three maids appeared. They were the last few maids who remained working at Empire Club.

“Maria Seido” who is innocent and cheerful. “Mafuyu Himuro” with serious and loyal personality. “Risa Takizawa” a dignified, mature woman. Starting with these three, the protagonist and maids cooperate to rebuild the future-next generation Empire Club!


  • Offers VR support!
  • Rating: Adult Only
  • Content: Censored
  • Voice: Fully voiced, except main character.
  • Create and customize your own maid!
  • When the sun goes down, players can choose to be lovey-dovey with their brand-new maid by engaging in some naughty activities!
  • Players can face-off against in-game rivals in an optional Rhythm Acting mini-game.
  • In Guest Mode, the player can become the customer at the Empire Club and be served by the sexy maid staff.

System Specs (VR)

  • Supports VR Headsets: OculusRift CV1 / HTC Vive 4.
  • CPU: Core i5 Quad-core 3ghz or higher.
  • Memory: 8GB or higher
  • GPU: Direct x11 compatible. Recommended GeForce GTX970 or better.

System Specs

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • Required CPU: Core i5 Quad-core 2.5ghz or higher.
  • RAM: 6GB or higher
  • Resolution: 1280×720 or higher
  • GPU: Direct x11 compatible. Recommended GeForce GTX760 or better.
  • HDD Free Space: 20GB or more.

Additional Information

  • Not guaranteed to work on all laptops, all-in-one desktops, or tablet PCs.
  • Not guaranteed to work with Mobile GPU and IntelHD Series GPU. Does not correspond with RadeonHD Series GPU.
  • Please install the latest updates for your graphic drivers.
  • Please install the latest updates for RunTime.
  • This product does not need an internet connection to play. Some contents will not be available offline, though.
  • Not compatible via mobile wifi/hotspots or other tethering devices.
  • Not compatible with 32bit operating systems. Guaranteed to work only with the latest service pack. Please follow the warranty period of OS provider.
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  1. Cool, one of my survey requests answered. Any chance you can get the collaboration projects with some of your partners like Alicesoft for this game.

  2. Any possibility that you’ll release the DLC or expansions?

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