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For my whole life, I never had a girlfriend. People could laugh at me all they want, but I refused to give up on my ideals when it came to love.

I had always pictured a first encounter where I knew right away she was my destined one.

After several chance run-ins, we would exchange numbers. Then we would hang out together on the weekends.
Only once we’ve grown close enough would it be time for a real date.

I wouldn’t have accepted any love that didn’t develop like a storybook romance.

Picking up girls at a club or going on blind dates was out of the question for me. And so was arranged dates. How could it be romantic when someone else set you up?

I had stood unwavering in my beliefs for my entire life.

Until, that is, when the words of a certain girl turned my view on love inside-out…

Product Specs

  • Publisher: NekoNyan
  • Developer: SMEE
  • Rating: Adult, uncensored
  • Voice: Fully voiced (except MC)
  • Genre: Romance, comedy, slice of life
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer

Product Features

  • Pure love story
  • Beautiful artstyle
  • Dating Sim elements: Plan and go on dates with different heroines
  • Five adorable heroine routes
  • Funny side characters with hilarious dialogue
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