Dark Hero Party — On Sale Now!

Dark Hero Party from Kagura Games is now available for purchase on MangaGamer.com! Get 10% off your copy during launch week!

The world is threatened by monsters sent by the “Evil King.”

To counter him, “Dragons,” deities who reside in another dimension, bestow powers upon champions known as dragon people.

In a small, unremarkable village, Imos lives with his sister, Tori, helping her run a potion shop. Along with his sister, he spends his days with his childhood friend, Lotia, a gentle scholar, Crimina, and a tomboy princess, Aina.

However, this all changes when an order is made for all dragon people, including Lotia, to hunt down the Evil King.

Features & Specs

  • Publisher: Kagura Games
  • Rating: 18+ (No mosaics!)
  • Voice: None
  • Genre: Fantasy, RPG, Nukige
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