[License Announcement!] Steam Prison Fin Route DLC

For our first new announcement of the evening, we’re happy to introduce an expansion to one of our popular otome titles – Steam Prison!

In this expansion to Steam Prison, fans are finally able to enjoy a route with Cyrus’s kind, devoted coworker, Fin! In this newly added tale, Fin is the one who takes the blame for the crime you’re falsely accused of, and you find your roles reversed, dynamically shifting the course of events for both characters!

In addition, this new expansion also includes several new bonus side stories for the rest of the cast!


Developer: HuneX
Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Platform: MangaGamer & Steam

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  1. This is awesome news! 😀
    I am so happy that you’re localizing Fin’s route. Looking forward to the DLC release! :>

  2. How exciting! Fin is such a cutie!

  3. Sherine van Bergen

    Seeing as this is already fully translated and edited, I hope the “Coming Soon” means very soon. I’m very hyped about this.

  4. I am completely surprised. i never imagined this would be localized. it seems to me, that often bonus routes that were exclusive to a specific system don’t end up being ported and translated. what wizardry did you cast???

  5. please just take my money *heart*

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