Bokuten Back On Steam!

As some of you may already be aware, on July 28th, Valve suddenly removed Bokuten Why I Became an Angel from the Steam storefront for false, invalid reasons. However, thanks to the support this title received from fans and the community, Valve was willing to meet with us and discuss the matter.

After further investigation from both sides, a valid issue with the previous Steam build of Bokuten was discovered and corrected, so now the title is back on Steam for everyone to enjoy!

So to thank you all for your support and to celebrate the return of Bokuten to Steam, we’re putting the title on sale for 50% off! MangaGamer customers can get their copy at a discount right now, while Steam customers can take advantage of the sale starting tomorrow, August 5th, at 1PM EDT!

The discount will last on MangaGamer and Steam until August 18th, so come take advantage and experience this deep, heart-aching tale of love for yourself!

Sale times:
MangaGamer: 8/4 10PM EDT – 8/18 Midnight EDT
Steam: 8/5 1PM EDT – 8/18 1PM EDT

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  1. Oof, bought it a week or two ago at full price to support it when I heard it was taken off Steam, guess I should have waited XD Still, glad to hear it made it back!

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