Eternal Torment — Translator’s Corner Vol. 1

Today on the blog, the translator provides some insight into the general themes you will find in our upcoming Liquid release Eternal Torment!

Eternal Torment launches exclusively on our website on October 1st!

I’m the person who suggested this project originally and hopefully by the end of this article you’ll want to play it too.

When it comes to visual novels, many people make a clear distinction between visual novels with a large number of sex scenes apparently designed mostly for that content and visual novels with relatively few sex scenes where the story and the characters are the focus of the work and any sex scenes serve only as an extension of elements the novel contains anyway. There aren’t many exceptions to this division, but in my opinion, Eternal Torment is one of them.

The story begins with our nameless protagonist toiling as a slave in a strange, apocalyptic world ruled over by an immortal king and endless hordes of monsters prowling the wasteland outside the only settlement. She has nothing and she is nothing in this world. Despite the grim darkness of her future, the vagaries of fate allow her the same immortality as the king’s, and the king is not amused. She escapes, not into the endless wastes outside the town, but into our world. Here she lives through the Middle Ages and the American frontier, hoping that the people will treat her better. But the servants of the immortal king are never far. They want to take her back for punishment.

Eternal Torment is not a story about big conspiracies or saving the world. It’s not a story about defeating the big evil. Eternal Torment is her story. The tortures she has to endure, but also the friends she makes and the person she becomes as time passes. Life isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but she will somehow make it through… if you choose well for her.

If you need sex scenes, then you won’t be disappointed. There are around 50 of them, and in the next article, there will be some customary creampie charts to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting if you have specific preferences. But Eternal Torment is more than that. It’s also a good story with interesting characters. And doesn’t that make the scenes better anyway, even the hardcore ones?

Also, how many visual novels have the American frontier? I mean, come on.

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