Steam Prison Fin Route — Translator’s Corner

Today on the blog, we have a short word from the Steam Prison Fin Route DLC translator!

Not only did Fin receive the worst treatment out of all the characters, he was also quickly left by the wayside once the prologue ended and couldn’t even be romanced. Really, if all you wanted was a devoted and domestic husband, you were kind of screwed. But never fear! His route hath arrived. And he gets a lot of good boy points.

Alas, he still has to relocate to the Depths and the hardships there are ill-suited to his character, but it shouldn’t disfigure his personality the way his service for the Hounds did, or so one hopes. Or is that what you enjoyed? In which case he does provide… glimpses of potential. But mostly he’s a good boy.

The DLC also comes with a rather colorful variety of alternate point-of-view scenarios and omakes. They serve to flesh out the world and add some information on the motivations of some of the characters.

The Steam Prison Fin Route DLC launches Thursday, October 15th at midnight EDT on! Pre-order today to save 10%! Steam customers can purchase their copy later that afternoon with a similar discount!

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