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Today on the blog, we have a translator’s corner from VerdelishJP!

Hey kids! It’s me, VerdelishJP, back at it again with another porny otome game courtesy of Kalmia8 and MangaGamer—and this time, they even let me name it!

Have you ever wished that, just once, the heroine in an otome game was a shameless slut? How about a BISEXUAL slut? How about a NON-VIRGIN bisexual slut?! Well, look no further! Fxxx Me Royally!! – Horny Magical Princess (or FMR) is a comedic R-18 otome game, though not quite in the same way that their previous English release, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (FLML), was.

While FLML tended to put comedy first and romance second, in FMR, comedy and romance have a more balanced relationship… at the cost of any plot whatsoever. An “otome moege,” if you will. If you’ve ever wished that someone would make an otome game that puts the sexy stuff front and center, this is the game for you!

The protagonist, Princess Marika, hails from a magical world where slut-shaming (and basically every other societal problem) is a thing of the past. She has no qualms about hooking up with someone the same day she meets them—it’s all good as long as both (or, AHEM, all three) participants consent! Monogamy isn’t a high priority for our plucky protagonist, either; at the beginning of the game, she crash-lands on Earth directly on top of two cute college guys and immediately starts kissing them both (you know, just to say hi). I gotta say, it’s hard not to be envious of Marika and her homeworld; not only do they have birth control magic that automatically prevents pregnancy, but they even have a spell to clean up that pesky semen, am I right ladies…

Speaking of semen, one thing I appreciated about the sex scenes in FMR is that both Kaoru and Ryuusei are both virgins at the beginning of the game. Yes, finally there exists a game that has taken that classic eroge trope and gender-flipped it! At last, otome fans can experience the magic that is taking someone’s V-card! Plus, Kalmia8 delivers once again on the bisexual-friendly content—not only is everyone fully voiced (and fully… depicted) in the sex scenes, but the game includes a yuri route with its own sex scene as well! That said, although FMR is pretty damn Horny on Main, there isn’t actually an excessive amount of sex in the main story, so if you’re looking for the otome equivalent of a nukige, you might come away disappointed.

If you’re familiar with my work as a translator, you’ll know that my favorite part of translating is feeling out each character’s unique “voice” and finding the best ways to convey that in English. Marika struck me right away as a “carefree college party girl” type, so I wrote her with lots of energy while taking care not to make her sound too airheaded; in contrast, Sana speaks with the dignity and grace anyone would expect from a royal maid. As for the boys, Kaoru must have inherited his father’s natural flair for drama, because he frequently speaks like a thespian, and I can’t lie—he was honestly my favorite to write. Lastly, Ryuusei’s probably got the most “ordinary” characterization of the cast, though he has a tendency to use slang like “sad face” and—yes, you guessed it—“dude.” (Is it a translation of onii-chan? Who can say!)

Lastly, a message to you, the reader: Jinnai, the CEO of Kalmia8, once tweeted that the English release of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome helped keep her company afloat. So I’d like to personally thank everyone who purchased FLML, be it the Steam/download version, the hard copy, and/or the wall scroll.

Now more than ever, your support has a direct impact on the success or failure of otome games as a genre—and this is your chance to make a difference once again. Kalmia8’s games buck all the usual R-18 trends we’ve come to expect, and if you’d like to see more from them, I hope you’ll consider supporting Fxxx Me Royally!! As a community, we can show developers and publishers that we may be niche, but we’re worth the time and effort. Otome fandom is powerful, and they’re paying attention. ‘ v ‘ b

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  1. I’ve finished Kaoru’s route, Sana’s route, and am currently partway through Ryuusei’s route!!! I’m super in love with this vn so far—and I’m always a huge fan of Molly’s work!

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