False Myth — On Sale Now!

False Myth from Kagura Games is now available for purchase on MangaGamer.com! Save 10% when you purchase your copy during launch week!

Play as Rouge, a swordswoman turned into a swordsman by a magical potion, as he enjoys his time in the peaceful city of Lylan. Lots of treasure hunting, fish catching, monster-slaying — and of course, sex — awaits you!

Rouge, a skilled swordswoman, has come to visit the city of Lylan with her master. The two have barely entered the city, however, when Rouge is arrested by a group of knights led by none other than Rita Lylan, the city’s young governor. One misunderstanding leads to another, and before long, Rouge finds herself defending Rita from a pair of assassins, ultimately resulting in her getting stabbed by a strange syringe in her place.

When Rouge next wakes up, her — or rather, his — body is no longer the same. He’s a man now. Rita, having mistakenly believed Rouge to be a man this whole time, wastes no time falling in love with her savior, to which her aunt (and the true ruler of Lylan) reacts very favorably; failed assassination attempts are often accompanied by another, and having someone like Rouge around to protect her niece might come handy. That, and given his skill set, he might make a good husband for Rita in a few years. Rouge is initially very much against this idea, but soon finds himself developing feelings for the girl.

And so begins Rouge’s next adventure, both to protect Rita and to undercover the web of shadows looming over Lylan.

Features & Specs

  • Publisher: Kagura Games
  • Rating: Adult, uncensored
  • Voice: None
  • Genre: Fantasy, RPG
  • OS: Windows 7 or newer

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