Welcome to the Adventurer Inn — On Sale Now!

Create the ultimate inn, earn fame and glory with adventures, maybe knock up a few women along the way. This is the daily debauchery of one ugly bastard and his humble business!t

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One filthy old man has but a single, humble dream: to impregnate as many pretty adventurer ladies as possible! He’s willing to go to any lengths necessary, trample on any amount of human decency, and ignore any semblance of morality to make that dream come true.

All it’ll take is running an inn with a bit of courteous customer service and business sense to lure the prey right into his hands, then add a few drugs for good measure and it’s that easy. Cater to your patrons’ needs, tailor their rooms exactly to their taste, and most of all… be a nice guy. Works every time.

Features & Specs

  • Publisher/Developer: Kagura Games
  • Rating: Adult only, uncensored
  • Voice: Full
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer
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