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Today on the blog, we have a Funbag Fantasy 3if tester’s corner from threepwood007!

“So this is a pretty hardcore H game, right?”

“Yup. Big boob fetish.”

“And you’re geeking out over the…”

“The Roman history bits! Aw man so the scenes in taverns are actually accurate depictions based on what’s been uncovered in-“

Get out the way, lady, and show me that tavern!

Welcome to Funbag Fantasy 3if, the latest game in the series of games with some of the best plot ever showcased. And good “plot” too, if milking and Tig ‘Ole Biddies is your thing.The most important thing to remember is that while FF 3if is a very solid, very densely packed (so dense) nukige, it also has one of the better stories to go with it.

Unlike previous games in the series, this one does not deal overmuch with daemons – at least, not as main character. 3if follows the story of Julinas, a minor god – the minorest, really – and his adventures in the mortal realm and beyond. As always with Funbag Fantasy protagonists, Julinas is quite the lover of boobs, and favors titjobs more than anything else. So much that the word itself may begin to look strange and alien after seeing it so often.

Naturally, my favorite character in the game is somewhat more normally proportioned.

It may seem like beating dead meat, but FF 3if truly is a good read – and if you’re not a fan of the large breasted ladies and the boobjobs, you will have a lot of content to enjoy on that end as well. 3if combines the original game and the expanded storylines into a seamless presentation. While the choices aren’t always easy to determine which routes they’ll lead into, the experience is fun regardless.

The game has Julinas travel all throughout the Underworld, the Olympian realm, and the mortal realm all to experience the busty pleasures they have to offer, and each route is varied enough to make them all worthwhile to read.


But working on a game like FF 3if comes with its own share of trials and tribulations. There’s a particular style of writing that the game prefers, and indeed the repetition of titjobs and other such epithets can make the words blur together in ways that make the process tiring on the eyes at times.

Yet the perseverance has a good payoff. Funbag Fantasy 3if is definitely worth the time, and one should not be fooled by the appearance of the game for it’s much more than your usual fetish title. Also, it’s set years and years before any events of the other games; if 3if is your first experience, the adventures of Lute and Ruin are also very worth the time.

Funbag Fantasy 3if is now available for purchase on and Steam!

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