The Fairy Tale You Don’t Know –– Now Available on!

Otaku Plan’s The Fairy Tale You Don’t Know is now available on the MangaGamer store! Pick it up during launch week to save 20%!

《Little Red Riding Hood》,《Snow White》,《Alice in Wonderland》,《Thumbelina》……,let’s travel to these well-known fairy tales’ world, and play hide and seek with the heroines!

In this game, you can rewrite the ending of these well-known fairy tales.

You will play the seeker side to chase the heroines in a turn-based stage.Use your unique skills smartly, and make use of traps and terrains in every stage!

The heroines will try their best to escape from you once you were in their sight!

・Turn-based Puzzle Game
・Unique skills and traps
・Multiple ways to win
・Voiced H-scenes

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