Christmas Tina: Now Available on MangaGamer!

NekoDay’s Christmas Tina is now available on the MangaGamer store! Pick it up during launch week to save 10%! You can also pick it up direct from the developer on Steam.

It is the year 1988. Japan is in the midst of the bubble economy. New buildings are sprouting up everywhere, and the people are ecstatic.

The old disappears and the new is born, but there are some people, some places, some things, that nobody notices… or perhaps nobody chooses to notice them.

This is the story of the lives of the people who live in one such corner of the city over the course of a year.

Kanna is a first-year high school student who’s involved in a traffic accident during the summer. She finds herself unable to stay in her hometown any longer.

Jing fails his university entrance exams in China. He spends a year or so working at a job he doesn’t like.

Both of them hear of the incredible opportunities presenting themselves in the bubble economy of Tokyo. So, Kanna drops out of high school and goes to Tokyo, and Jing quits his job and goes to Japan.

The job both of them set their eyes on, would involve simply living in an old, run-down train station. Although the job only pays a measly 400 yen per hour, it runs for 24 hours a day, so it really isn’t so bad. Especially when freed from the worry of paying rent, heating, and electricity.

Kanna is a bit awkward around people, and Jing doesn’t speak Japanese. The employer only wants one person. Neither wants to give up on this job, so Sakura, the woman in charge of hiring them, recommends that they simply do it together.

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