Otakon 2021 License Announcements!

It’s been a weird year again for sure, but we were very happy to have the opportunity to attend a con again! And we have some juicy announcements just for the occasion!

Love Sweets

From MOONSTONE and the artists of Magical Marriage Lunatics comes a fun, school romance with Love Sweets!

Itsuki was a student who enjoyed his school life with his friends, but after spring break he learns that all of them have found girlfriends, leaving him high and dry. So he decides to get a part-time job at a cafe where a lot of girls work in the hopes of meeting a new partner of his own. Enjoy a sweet and charming tale of budding romance with a childhood friend, a beautiful honor student, an energetic girl from out of town, a caring older girl, or a little sister in this tale of young love and happy days together.

Seventh Lair

From Novectacle, the creators of the highly acclaimed The House in Fata Morgana, comes Seventh Lair, a tongue-in-cheek but emotional look at the online interactions between an indie game developer and fans!

The story follows the dejected Dark†Knight, a 27-year-old indie game developer living at the bottom of the social hierarchy. With his career hanging on by a thread and the regulars on his forums criticizing, trolling, and clamoring for his next release, he declares that his next game will premiere on April Fool’s. On the ill-fated day, both creator and fans are suddenly sucked into a fantasy world based on his game and forced to figure out how to clear his buggy, unfinished, monstrosity. As frustrations rise and tempers flare, the players’ raw emotions and experiences begin to leak out as they are denied the protections of their online handles. What truths lie behind the masks of their personas? Can they survive the game and each other? Or will they manage to find their way back to reality together?

Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters

From Waffle, the creators of Funbag Fantasy, and the artist Ajishio, comes a sexy tale full of dark elves – Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters ~Cocky Chicks Craving Creampies~!

The half-human, half-elf Ober grew up discriminated against by his own family due to his mixed heritage, but one day, a prophecy flips his whole life upside down. With divine word promising that his offspring would bring forth a millenium-long golden age to the dark elven people, Ober is declared the future head of his family, and the sisters that once mistreated him are ordered to serve him and bear his children. It’s time to enjoy the release of some pent-up frustrations and plant the seeds for a bright future in this sexy romp stuffed full of exciting content!


Lastly, from ClockUp, the creators of euphoria and Eroge!, comes a brand new sexy office romance set in the adult game industry – Erovoice! Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life♪
Audiophile Kobashi Daiki had missed the prime job-hunting period following graduation, and was stuck looking for a full-time positoin when he finally encountered the job of his dreams – a chance to work at an agency that manages voice actresses for erotic games, anime, and sound dramas! This small agency has yet to truly make it big, so there’s plenty of room to grow. Will you focus your efforts on the eager new actress that needs some help on the erotic side of things before she’s ready to debut? Or on the veteran actress that’s stuck in typecast positions? Or maybe on the spunky, athletic manager that’s overseeing all the company’s gigs? Or perhaps on the quiet sound engineer that’s cooped up in the agency’s recording studio? Whichever path you take will surely be an exciting delight for your ears, so bring your best headphones and jack in for a good time with Erovoice!

And that’s it for Otakon this year! You can check out our newly updated announcements & schedule site to keep up with all our announcements and convention appearances!

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