Introducing Erovoice’s Sakuragi Iroha

Today we’re introducing Sakuragi Iroha, the newest voice actress to sign on with Cuckoo Clock in Erovoice!

As her resume demonstrates, Iroha is a very talented voice actress with the ability to handle a wide range of character voices, but her major initial flaw is her inability to do erotic voices well. Fortunately this comes mostly from her lack of experience with anything sexual outside of the erotic games she’s played herself. Which is very interesting to note on its own, since her personal love of erotic games is precisely why she applied to an agency like Cuckoo Clock despite everything else about her appearance and behavior suggesting that she would be much more suited to voicing non-adult roles and aiming to succeed in anime or regular video games. 

With Iroha we follow the start of a fresh new voice actress’s career, beginning with the creation of marketing materials like sample voices, continued voice training, and running around just trying to get developers to be aware of her in order to secure even a minor role that might lead to her big debut in the voice acting industry. Of course, few careers end after a debut, so we also get to follow how an actress advances her fresh career, using gigs to forge connections, consistently delivering good performances for returning clients, and engaging in public events to take advantage of and secure even further growth in her popularity amongst fans and consumers. 

We also get to see a contrast to her career path through Megu, her demure colleague from acting school. Megu is not blessed with Iroha’s talent, and she’s also not blessed with an agency or a manager that’s quite as invested in her personal success. Just be careful not to let yourself get too involved in Megu’s sad situation… or do, and enjoy a few of the scenes she has to offer.

When it comes to Iroha’s erotic scenes within Erovoice, it’s important to note that Iroha is essentially a method actor, and one with the incredible talent to fully inhabit the roles she seeks to play, both for better and for worse. While this allows her to deliver incredibly realistic and astounding performances in the recording booth, as her manager it also means you get to deal with the great lengths she’s willing to go to in order to get into character. Whether that means innocently experimenting with her body as a the pure maiden of a moege, utilizing an entire carton of vibes to capture a forced orgasm experience, scrounging props together to simulate some BDSM play, or taking serious risks to get into the mindset of a slutty exhibitionist, there’s lots of fun and variety to be had. So maybe letting her go so far isn’t too bad after all.

Iroha’s actual voice actress, Hoshika Rie, is also a fairly new voice actress herself, though English fans may recognize her voice from her roles as Nagayama Noriko in Maitetsu and Nerine from Flower Knight Girl.

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