Introducing Erovoice’s Musha Hasumi!

Today we’re introducing Erovoice’s Musha Hasumi, the sound engineer that Cuckoo Clock couldn’t operate without!

Tall and curvy, Musha actually has a complex about her height that leaves her socially awkward, and her constant hunching combined with her quiet nature and plain attire make her seem like a gloomy person. One of the biggest challenges she faces is trying to communicate in social situations with her shyness and faltering speech, but when it comes to her work, there’s really none that can compare. Her hearing is so keen she can pick up even trace noise in her recording as well as distinguish between multiple different sounds at once. Her skill with the equipment and software is unmatched as well, to the point that she’s capable of editing and finalizing audio in real-time while recording. It goes without saying this talent has saved Cuckoo Clock multiple times during extreme crunch moments. She does recognize your own audio talents though, and if you spend enough time locked in the studio with her, she’ll help you develop it into a career asset.

With Hasumi we get to see everything that goes into professional voice recording like editing, mixing, noise reduction, and even the selection of sound effects and background tracks that fit the setting from audio libraries of dozens of tracks with only minor differences in sound. It might be a struggle to drag Hasumi out of the studio, but she really shines when in her element, and her passion for sound shows with the intensity and perfectionism that she brings to her audio projects and audio equipment. In her tale we really get to see two similar coworkers complimenting each other well and helping each other improve.

The contrast we have for Hasumi is actually her younger sibling, Masumi. Masumi is much more socially adept and outspoken, able to navigate social situations with ease, though not as talented when it comes to audio. Seeing as Masumi has already become a streamer behind a widely popular Virtual Avatar, those social skills are a big boon, but with the help of a good sound engineer those talents could push views, subscribers, and monetization even further. Just be wary of a few surprises if you pursue that path.

When it comes to Hasumi’s erotic scenes within Erovoice, I hope you love pantyhose, because there are a lot of ripped leggings thanks to her style of dress. Well, while that element of spice does see significant recurrence, the bigger factor here is Hasumi’s sound fetish running into the main character’s voice fetish. With both partners so aroused by audio, you can be sure that Hasumi brings her technical knowledge of audio equipment into play to create some interesting and unique scenes focused on all the sounds of sex. There’s also a few times where Hasumi proves she can be forward despite her social awkwardness and indulges your submissive side… or just gets too horny to care anymore.

Hasumi is voiced by Kaibara Erena, a prolific actress active since 1997 whose played roles like Tachibana Ema in Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and Matsubara Reika in Harukoi.

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