S&M Lessons with the Cute Masochist Maid––Now Available on MangaGamer!

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”I am Yukina Kido.
I used to work as a maid for the master… At Eiji-sama’s father, Eiichiro Mishima-sama’s mansion.”

One day, a maid decidedly unsuited to the shabby apartment I live in shows up at my door.
She tells me of my father’s passing, as well as the fact that I am to inherit his estate.

However, I heard that my father had an affair when I was a baby, which led to a divorce.
Because of this, I have never seen any pictures of him.
To me, he was the man who abandoned me and my mother,
and I never wanted to see him or find out anything about him.

I have no intentions of inheriting anything from him,
so I tell her,
”… Anyway, I’m going to have to refuse.”

Then, the maid suddenly gets completely naked, and…

”Eiji-sama. Now, please, make yourself comfortable.”

Then, as I was too startled to move back, she takes aim at me
with graceful movements reminiscent of an ancient martial art, and then leaps at me.

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