Custom Order Maid 3D2 GP-01Fb DLC Now Available!

The third major update for KISS’s Custom Order Maid 3D2, the GP-01Fb DLC, is now available on the MangaGamer store! Save 10% during launch week!

The third major update for COM3D2!
New face items have been added to enable even more detailed editing.
By using the new face items, detailed editing functions will be added to allow you to pursue your ideal maid.
In addition, a special game mode called “Scout Mode” has been added, where you can scout your own edited character for your own club. Depending on the choices you make during scouting, an H-event can also occur…!?
A new dance which you’re looking forward to has been added, of course!
Edit items such as costumes, underwear, hairstyles, and accessories.
Lovey-dovey yotogi skills with Master. Lovey-dovey H-events.
New backgrounds have been added, and much more in this update.

Key Features

  1. New Face Editing Features!
    Create an ideal maid even more to your liking by using additional face editing items!
  2. “Scout Mode”!
    Scout your edited character to your club! An H-event might also occur…!?
  3. New Outfits!
    2 outfit sets, 3 underwear sets, 2 hair sets, and 8 accessories have been added!
  4. Yotogi
    Four lovey-dovey, sweet yotogi skills have been added!
  5. New H-events!
    Two types of sweet story events between your maid and Master have been added!
  6. NPC and Extra Maid Scenarios!
    Several new scenarios for popular NPCs and extra maids have been added!
  7. New Background!
    A new background, “Sketchy bar,” has been added to studio mode. Take lots of photos with your maid!
  8. New My Room Custom Parts!
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