Beat Refle — On Sale Now!

qureate’s Beat Refle is now available for purchase on! Get 10% off during launch week!

Atsushi Yubihara meets the talking cat Momiji while cleaning the massage parlor formerly run by his late grandfather.

Moments after he attempts to uncover her true identity in spite of his confusion, a loan collector appears to reclaim what his grandfather owes. Fed unreasonable repayment terms, he starts to shrink into himself until Momiji shares with him a most mysterious power…

He has but a single month to make enough money to return what was loaned, marking the start of his troubled everyday life as a masseuse!

There’s no time to question his power, or why there’s a talking cat, or anything else!

Atsushi must focus on his somewhat to very quirky customers and relieving the stress that ails them, all in time for the impending loan repayment!

Features & Specs

  • Developer: qureate
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Voice: Fully-voiced, except main character
  • Rating: All-ages
  • Features 50 total songs!
  • Press the button shown in time with the song to heal the ladies both inside and out with your unique massage techniques!
  • Supports official Switch Pro, XBox, and PS4 controllers.
  • Key Config is only available for keyboard & mouse users.


  • Yurine Haruyama / CV: Saki Ono
  • Kaeno Asagiri / CV: Haruka Shiraishi
  • Mei Amamiya / CV: Asuka Nishi
  • Tsubaki Nagumo / CV: Ayumi Mano
  • Chizuru Yukishiro / CV: Azumi Asakura
  • Kren Ranjou / CV: Rie Tanaka
  • Momiji / CV: Chitose Morinaga
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