Nightmare x Onmyoji – Paradox of Forbiddance –– Now Available!

The next installment of Guilty’s Nightmare series, Nightmare x Onmyoji – Paradox of Forbiddance, is now available!

Our protagonist, Kuon Katsuragi, is at a glance just an ordinary student… yet outside of school, she’s anything but ordinary.
Alongside her father Kimihiro, she is an active “onmyoji”, a magician who uses ancient skills and incantations to purge specters who possess their victims.

Kuon soon finds herself becoming involved with Setsuna Shindo, her sister Yuka, and their childhood friend Toma Kitagawa, the three of whom do similar work in another region.
Young girls have been mysteriously disappearing from Kuon’s hometown, and Setsuna and her crew have come seeking the assistance of the Katsuragi family in solving this case.
The four soon get to work gathering information as they purge specters in town, while Kimihiro pursues his own leads through a certain resourceful contact….

Both parties, however, are simultaneously ambushed by the culprits of these crimes, resulting in the capture of Setsuna and Yuka, and leaving Kimihiro’s fate unknown.
Kuon soon learns this is the organization controlling specters behind the scenes, and resolves to face them in order to save those dearest in her heart.

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