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Today we have some words from Ralen, the translator of parade’s latest BL game, Lkyt! Lkyt is currently available for pre-order on the MangaGamer store and it will also be available on Steam upon release on April 20th!

I don’t often write for the MangaGamer blog, but I found this title so compelling, it was hard to resist. Lkyt is my first introduction to the BL genre, although whether it can truly be classified as a “Boys’ Love” title is highly debatable. Even author Tatsuya Kurashiki himself prefers to categorize it as a “sexual bromance,” but no matter what you choose to call it, the plot and storytelling are unmatched.

If you’re like me, the first question you’re probably asking is, “How the heck do you pronounce this title?” In my head I always tend to read it as “Licked” for short, but the proper way is to read each letter separately, as in “ell-kay-wye-tee.” These letters actually stand for something, but you’ll have to beat the game to find out what!

Lkyt is incredibly well written, and I would recommend it for the story alone for anyone interested in a Japanese-styled action fantasy setting. There’s plenty of political intrigue, swordplay, monster fights, and magic-enhanced physical feats. The steamy man-on-man sex is just the icing on the cake, and even if that isn’t your thing, the love scenes never feel forced or inappropriate. The degree of emotional bonding between the protagonist, Tasuku, and his respective love interests is an important plot element, and every love scene is in service of advancing the story and strengthening their bond.

The worldbuilding is top-notch with lots of care and attention put into the little details. There’s a rich history and lore propping up the story which gets revealed in bits and pieces throughout each of the character routes. Every route reveals different information, so you’ll have to play through all of them to get the full story, which gives the game incredible replay value. From Yael, the swarthy, cynical outsider, to Ango, a hulking warrior with a gentle soul, each of the characters is unique, with a fully fleshed out personality and backstory, so the different routes always feel fresh and never repetitive. You get the sense that these are real people struggling to fight and survive in dire circumstances. There are lots of secrets to be revealed along the way, so I can’t share too much without getting into spoilers.

Make no mistake, Lkyt takes place in a dark world, full of tragedy and sorrow, but the underlying message is one of hope for the future. Tasuku is as sincere as they come, and this shows in the heartfelt “bromances” between him and each of his potential love interests. Despite being younger, smaller, and less experienced than his partners, Tasuku exclusively tops with each of them, and to see the gentle, compassionate energy he brings to lovemaking is truly heartwarming. Their relationships are driven by genuine trust and affection, and their love serves as a beacon of light in a world on the edge of ruin. This balance keeps the plot from becoming too heavy, and provides real stakes to engage the reader. All of this and more are what really elevate Lkyt above other “BL” titles, and it has a lot to offer potential readers who might not ordinarily be interested in the genre. I can honestly say I’ve never had a greater emotional investment in a visual novel before, so if you’re looking for a compelling action-fantasy story, this one is definitely worth checking out!

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