Exorcist Charlotte –– Now Available on the MangaGamer Store!

Exorcist Charlotte from No Future and WASABI entertainment is now available on the MangaGamer store! Pick it up during launch week to save 20%!

Mizuki Konoe is no ordinary girl. She is an exorcist known as “Exorcist Charlotte” who fights devils with holy gears inherited from her parents.

One day, her classmates headed to an abandoned factory after hearing rumors about devils. Charlotte decided to go after them to save their lives, but she didn’t know what awaits her there…


A hit doujin RPG!
Use the holy gears, the “Libra Sword and the “Skorpius Gun” to defeat enemies!
Beat enemies and collect the “Energy Crystals” to power up your gears.
Gather materials from enemies and the map to craft useful items for your adventure.
Create special bullets to gain an edge over the enemies!!

However, beware of the devil’s traps!
Charlotte’s fate is in your hands…

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