Anime Expo 2023 Announcements!

And that’s it for our Anime Expo panel! A big thank you to everyone who attended! Don’t forget, you can still find us in the dealer’s room for the rest of the con! But now onto what you’ve all been waiting for––

We opened with the announcement of a new otome game series from HuneX and Woga – Hana Awase New Moon.

Spanning across time and realities, Hana Awase is the story of a young woman drawn into the web of the game kasen, played with hanafuda cards. Through playing, she comes to meet five mysterious men, all of whom are elite players and all of whom guard secrets that hold the power to alter her world irreparably.

Each of the four installments in the series offers a different world featuring the same cast of characters — sometimes identical to previously-encountered incarnations, sometimes profoundly different. As the overarching truth slowly unfolds, the immense scope of the battle being waged through the hanafuda cards becomes visible, and the pursuit of romance and a happy ending becomes more and more complex. Can our heroine and her companions find their way through the turmoil?

These intriguing, dark and romantic tales featuring an outstanding cast of male voice actors will be coming soon to MangaGamer, Steam, and Nintendo Switch in English, Japanese, and Chinese!

The next announcement comes from fan-favorite, CLOCKUP, with a scenario penned by the writer of Maggot Baits – DEAD DAYS.

Four strangers died that day. Now they live again, forced to hunt down specters just to keep their new bodies charged with the energy now fueling their second chance at life. Any joy they may have had at living again is soon stifled by the dispassionate employer that treats them as disposable combatants with no concern for the unnatural libido and arousal caused by their new bodies’ reaction to stressors. Can these ordinary people estranged from violence cope with the murder they must now inflict to survive and endure the flames of lust now burning within? Will they ever truly return to their normal lives, or will their return remain a superficial farce?

This dark action story will be coming soon to MangaGamer.

The next new announcement is the exciting new title in Alicesoft’s Beat series – Beat Valkyrie Ixseal!

Oudou Tsuguhiko is a student who believes he is the reincarnation of the Demon King, and is waiting for the time he can fully regain his powers. When that time comes, he is attacked by the valkyrie Ixseal, and further betrayed by his Demonic Chancellor Bezel, who steals six of his powers and leaves him only with lust. Ixseal learns that the Wargrim, Bezel’s army, have isolated her from the heavens and her source of power, so she teams up with Tsuguhiko to fight back against them. He is able to power her up so she can fight again, but only by tapping into his power of lust–which she’s going to have to play a part in if they have any hopes of winning!

Get ready to take the reins and corrupt this Valkyrie to seize victory in this sexy adventure coming soon to MangaGamer!

Next up is a brand new title from MOONSTONE Cherry, the creators of Imouto Paradise – Welcome to a Sexy, Open World!

When the young Sejima Seiya tries to rescue a dog, the passing truck winds up sending him straight into a completely different world! In this brand new world, Seiya finds himself caught up in an ancient prophecy that someone from another world will arrive to give birth to the legendary heroes that will end the wars plaguing the lands. What is Seiya to do as key women from every major nation in this new world start accosting him for his baby batter in an attempt to ensure their nation holds the most influence over the heroes destined to be born?! Worse yet – even if Seiya wanted to avoid becoming a stud, it turns out that if he doesn’t create a child to bind his presence in this new world, then he’ll be pushed out of it and sent back to the moment of that fateful accident! Luckily for the unwitting father of heroes, coming to this world has given him the power to know when a woman is at her peak fertility!

Get ready for lots of sweet, baby-making sex in this lovely isekai adventure, coming soon to MangaGamer!

If you would like more information on these titles and more, be sure to join their discussion on Discord or follow MangaGamer on Twitter or Facebook, or check out their blog so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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