Seven New Titles Coming to MangaGamer!

Seven new titles are joining the MangaGamer catalogue! Two pre-orders—KuroInu 2 Redux and Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses and five titles available right now—Marauder of Dystopia, Revenge of the Orcs: Flag of Conquest, and Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino, Ayumu Sakura, and Otoha Minami!

Marauder of Dystopia: The Weakest Go to the Wall

The people of the Omega Empire suffer under the oppressive rule of Emperor Duke.
Egregious violence, and possible death, awaits those that defied the heavy taxes…
Everyone lives in fear of the empire.

However, a brave few have risen up to destroy the Empire.
The resistance movement Ψ, headed by Edgar.
On the surface, they work as jack-of-all-trades, helping citizens in need.
However, below the surface, the organization’s main activity is assassinating Imperial officials and criminals who bring suffering upon the people in the name of “purging” them.

One of the members of Ψ is a beautiful, dark-haired woman who you wouldn’t suspect is an assassin.
As a child, she was rescued by Captain Edgar from being sold into slavery by slave traders.
She was then trained by him in various assassination techniques and magic to survive.

With her beloved sword Oborozuki in hand, which she received from Edgar, Hazuki is ready to face the empire once again.

Developer: ONEONE1
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Partial Voice

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Revenge of the Orcs: Flag of Conquest

Org the Orc returns home to find his village under siege by three stunning assassins.
A princess knight, a she-elf, and a half-oni warrioress are slaughtering his people!
Once the flames die down, he discovers all he holds dear is reduced to ashes…
Wishing he were stronger, he mourns alone until a strange man approaches.
“I don’t suppose you’d like to take revenge?” comes the slave trader’s fiendish offer.
Org wants those beauties brought to their knees—even if it means siding with a human!
Driven by desire and his newfound “lust” for vengeance, he embarks on a new quest…

Developer: Dieselmine
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Partial Voice

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Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Yuuki Hoshino

Yuuki Hoshino is a famous model and the most popular girl in school.
Yuuma Hirose, on the other hand, is a boy who doesn’t stand out at all.
Although he has something of an interest in Yuuki, he feels that they live in completely different worlds.

One fateful lunchtime, Yuuma ends up lending this school celebrity his glasses.
And over the course of several interactions, Yuuma finds himself falling for the flirtatious Yuuki’s ditzy charms.
Yuuki shows no hesitation in getting intimate with Yuuma, either.
But although Yuuma is happier than ever, his consciousness of the gap between their social statuses makes him afraid to fall for her.

Is she teasing him? Is this an elaborate prank? How does Yuuki truly feel?
And what’s the true nature of their relationship?

Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Female Full Voice

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Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Ayumu Sakura

Ayumu Sakura and Hiro Oikawa are classmates and childhood friends.
Ayumu’s always had feelings for Hiro, but she’s never had the courage to tell him.
Hiro’s always thought Ayumu was cute, but he thinks of her more like a little sister.
When they were young, they were always together, but these days their friendship has settled at a casual distance.

Ayumu notices that her vision has been getting worse lately, so one day she asks Hiro to come with her to the optician’s.
Hiro picks out a pair of frames for Ayumu to try, and she excitedly puts them on.
But when Hiro turns around to see how she looks, an electric shock runs through his body.

She looks adorable!

Hiro immediately falls head over heels for the spectacled Ayumu and asks her to go out with him right on the spot.
Ayumu is left completely stunned, but she accepts.

Now the freewheeling Hiro is dating Ayumu, who has no romantic experience whatsoever and freaks out over everything.
As the awkward couple make up for the time they drifted apart, their relationship grows deeper than ever before.

Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Female Full Voice

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Megasuki: Love Through Lenses with Otoha Minami

Itsuki is a member of the art club, which has been too short on members for years to operate properly.
When what other members it does have graduate one spring, leaving Itsuki alone, he decides to quit and let the club die with his departure.
Until, that is, Otoha turns up to join.
Itsuki can’t just abandon this new student, but he figures that she’ll probably stop coming before long, so he decides to stick it out for just a little longer.

Contrary to his expectations, Otoha shows up at the art room every single day without exception.
But she doesn’t ever draw or paint herself. She just sits there, staring at Itsuki as he sketches.
Otoha hardly ever reveals any emotion on her face, making her a difficult girl to read and leaving Itsuki completely bewildered.

Otoha turns out to have a real eye for art.
When Itsuki quizzes her on why she doesn’t make art herself, she simply responds that she doesn’t like to.

”Then why did you join the art club?”
”Because I love you. Huh? You mean you didn’t notice?”

With Otoha’s foot flat on the accelerator of love, the two take a crash course in communication within the private confines of the art room.
And though Otoha still sets the pace, as things heat up between them, Itsuki comes to see her charms—as an art advisor, and as a woman.

Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Female Full Voice

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Kuroinu II Redux

To the west of the continent of Serenus lies a land of depravity and desire known as the Service Nation.

Founded over a hundred years ago, this nation represents the apex of corruption and prosperity.
Possessing an overwhelming and otherworldly charm, the Great Adulteress Ladomira wields this power to rule the Service Nation as its empress and indulge in a life of pleasure.
As they carry out hunts in the neighboring nations to obtain sacrifices of pleasure, a tale of pillage and tragedy unfolds.

The neighboring nations have united to form a Holy Alliance to oppose the Service Nation and put an end to its wanton immorality.
They launch an all-out assault to overpower the Service Nation, surrounding them from all sides.

But before they can overthrow them, a single man stands in their way.
Derek Rondo, commander of the Service Nation’s army, and said to be the second coming of the Mercenary King Vult, the founder of the Service Nation.
Under the orders of Ladomira, Derek defeats the allied armies that surround the Service Nation and chases them off. However, he holds another desire in his heart… the desire to usurp the throne.

Derek burns with ambition to take down not only the maidens of the allied armies, but even the empress Ladomira, and claim everything for himself.

Developer: Liquid (NEXTON)
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Female Full Voice

Pre-order and save 20%! Available Q4 2023!

Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses

—They call me Yamada.
I’m just an ordinary student, hospitalized with two broken arms… except for my strange and incurable condition, which sends pain spiking through my balls if I don’t nut every three hours.

Unfortunately, the hospital where I’m being treated has got a certain reputation. Word has it, the place is staffed exclusively with the absolute worst people ever to call themselves nurses… and if anything, the reality has turned out to be worse than the rumors.
The most miserable part of it all? The nurses were only the beginning.

Illegal drug manufacturing? Check.
Illicit ties to the criminal underworld? Check.
Police officers infiltrating it all undercover? Check.
They’re quarantining me in my own ward, now.
They’ll pay me six mil a year just to milk me for cum.

Somehow, I’ve found myself at the center of every ambition and ever plot, and every new force that enters the fray only seems to drag me further under.
What’s right in this situation, and who’s wrong?
What constitutes a crime, and who’s going to punish it?
Will I ever be able to find the answers? And even if I do—do I have any hope of leaving this hospital alive…?

Developer: Dark One! (NEXTON)
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Full Voice except Protagonist

Pre-order and save 20%! Available October 12th!

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