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FUCKOMOTIVE and SISTERITUAL from Ammolite, Gyaru Express to Tanned Slut Station ~Railroaded Into a Punishment Game~ from Appetite and The Voluptuous DEMON QUEEN and our Shoebox Apartment Life from ORCSOFT are now available on the MangaGamer store thanks to our friends at Shiravune!


It all started when I got transferred from Tokyo to a local sales branch in small-town Japan.

On my first commute to work, I find the train completely empty.
With everyone moving to bigger cities these days, I guess I can’t be surprised.
It’s just… I’m apparently running the branch office all on my own…
I guess it’s gonna get pretty lonely for me out here in the middle of nowhere…

”Hey you, the guy in the suit!”

Out of nowhere, a blonde babe with a fake-orange tan casually sidles up to me.
Despite her thick makeup and gyaru looks, she claims she’s the train conductor.

”So, mister! Where were you working before?
And where’re you working now? Oh, also…”

She bombards me with incessant questions for the entire ride.
By the time I get to my stop, I’m already worn out with exhaustion.

”Bummer. I guess this is your stop, huh.
How long does it take from your place?
I can time it just right if you like~”

As you can see, I barely have any say in the matter…
Before I know it, she’s already half-forced herself into my life!

And I haven’t even told you about the other girl yet!
Cute, bookish, short black hair… So which one do I pick?

Available right now!


At the Kusuzuki Shrine built to seal away the wicked one… For generations, the masters of the shrine have served their duty to protect the people of the land.
However, this seal is not perfect.
Miasma pours out, ever so slightly.
And so with every generation, the masters of the shrine must carry this miasma in their bodies and eliminate it.
One day, the previous master of the shrine passed away. His son, Yahiro, inherited his father’s role, but he was too young to partake in the inheritance ceremony… Little by little, the miasma seeped into the earth, and the land began to decay.
Years passed until Yahiro was at last old enough to perform the inheritance ceremony and accept his role as master of the shrine. The flood of miasma naturally gathered inside of Yahiro and started to eat away at him. With no preparation, no knowledge, he still had no idea what the true role of the master was.
Several months later…
Yahiro is summoned by his grandmother, and finds out the truth. About the seal. About the miasma that gathers inside him. About the strange things that are happening to him. And about the ceremony in order to prevent them…
“Now… This way… Master…”
The ceremony involves him…having sex with the shrine maidens. He must unite bodies with his older sister, Maina, and his younger sister, Suzu.

Available right now!

Gyaru Express to Tanned Slut Station ~Railroaded Into a Punishment Game~

Someone’s got their hand on my package. And I’m not talking about “casually brushing against it.” This hand clearly knows what it wants! The palm’s rubbing up on me, fingers on my shaft…
(What the…? Am I being… assaulted right now?)
Me, a guy? No freakin’ way…?!
(Who is it? Who grabs a man’s junk on the train?)
The hand feels kinda slender. I’m pretty sure it’s a woman? My eyes trace her hand to her elbow, then to her shoulder, and then…
When I finally get to her face…

Available right now!

The Voluptuous DEMON QUEEN and our Shoebox Apartment Life

Haruhiko Shigiyama—You’re a boring office worker who works for a bad company (in office supply retail).
You live alone as an obese virgin in your tiny four-and-a-half mat shoebox of an apartment, which is itself a disused relic of a bygone era.
Your libido is incredible, but with no cash and no credit, you can’t afford to clean yourself up, let alone afford the services of the ladies of the night.
Every night, you get home exhausted. You eat, if only for the nourishment, and then collapse to sleep like a pile of mud on the floor. Every morning you wake up, and do it again.
Your room is a mess that you never clean up, a reflection of the desolation in your heart. Still, you never snap: You hold it together, in a twisted subversion of your gentle nature.

One day, things change.
“What cramped, filthy confines. Protists. This is why we call them primitive, I suppose.”
You’ve just gotten back to your decrepit apartment and slunk your blubber into the futon…
That’s when an explosion of light and a flood of sound fill your apartment.
There, like a thunderclap, stands a stranger. You stand stunned.

She’s beautiful. Some category past supermodel that you’ve never even heard of. It’s well beyond the level of just a pretty face.
She exudes natural confidence in an aura so strong you can see it. Her sculpted face screams sex with a kind of perfection that not even her disgruntled expression could ever hope to scratch.

And then—then there’s her chest. Stunning, voluminous mounds. To put it vulgarly, hot DAMN those are nice tits.
You do a quick double-take. Those things would put any porn actress to shame.
If the rest of her were any less breathtaking, you might not be able to get your eyes off them. Those breasts are enough of a feast for the eyes to satisfy you for a lifetime, on their own.
On top of which, her clothes aren’t doing much to hide them. More than half of their curvaceous expanse is right there, exposed, for you to worship.

This absolute unit of a woman is standing there, radiating self-certainty, dressed in the kind of scandalous outfit you’d never expect to see outside of anime and games. Are those horns on her head⁠…? Are those part of the costume? They don’t look natural, but… while you’re busy gaping, she gets in your face. She smells good. Sweet, and sexy, and almost violently tempting, the scent seems to leap right into you.

This mysterious woman⁠—the Demon Queen, to hear her tell it⁠—licks her lips with a bewitching smile as she pushes you down.
She needs to stock up on magic⁠, and it seems you’re a tanker.

“You’re a veritable fountainhead of energy… It’s difficult to believe that you never realized what you had hanging between your legs.”

Squeezing your throbbing hard-on, smiling like a cat, she goes on to explain.
To go back to her original world⁠—to replenish her wasted magic reserves⁠—she’s going to be drinking deep from your stores of semen. Now you’re the voluptuous Demon Queen’s personal magic cock, getting squeezed out on the daily in your old shoebox apartment⁠—and things won’t be the same for you ever again.

Available right now!

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