Higurashi: When They Cry Hou+ Available Now!

The last installment of Higurashi: When They Cry, Higurashi: When They Cry Hou+ is now available on the MangaGamer store! It’ll be available on Steam as well later today. Pick it up during launch week to save 10%!

The tragedy of Hinamizawa is over.
Those held captive within its grip are free from the fate that bound them to June 1983.
Yet the tale of Hinamizawa is not truly complete.
There are many worlds not yet explored.

Higurashi When They Cry Outbreak

Keiichi and the others face a brand new tragedy. The mysterious virus and the panic it creates are such laughable sights.

Higurashi When They Cry Kamikashimashi Chapter

The tragedy spreads to Okonomiya, with no end in sight.
Who is behind all of this, and for what purpose?
Can it be stopped?
The tale of Higurashi Outbreak concludes here.

Hinamizawa Bus Stop: Higurashi When They Cry Origin

Welcome to Hinamizawa.
This is a slightly unusual fragment.
The original fragment which would eventually grow into Higurashi When They Cry.

Higurashi When They Cry Mehagashi Chapter (Hou+ Additional Scenario)

Tragedy that could destroy not only all of humanity, but the galaxy itself draws near…

Keiichi Maebara! Strip the girls of their swimsuits to defend the universe! However, can Keiichi possibly win against the club members all by himself…?

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