Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows Now Available On MangaGamer!

Liarsoft’s Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows is now available on the MangaGamer store! Save 15% during launch week or pick it up on Steam later today!

The fifth entry in Liarsoft’s Steampunk Series is a mysterious fairytale in which fantasy and reality intertwine.
The story unfolds from the perspectives of two women:
One who travels through the ruins of Engine City New York, destroyed in an unexplained disaster some years before;
and one who finds herself in an underground world with a violet sky, where the “vanished” city still stands.

The central focus of the tale is Lily, a girl devoid of memories who sets off through the bizarrely transformed “Underground New York.”
Driven by her determination to reach the “ends of the violet sky,” she travels through this dangerous world accompanied by an enigmatic young man known as A.
In the course of her long and difficult journey, they meet many of the city’s inhabitants, and fend off the attacks of strange and terrifying monsters.

What lies at the end of the road Lily travels?
How is she connected to the woman exploring the ruins on the surface?
And why was New York destroyed?
In the course of their journeys, many mysteries will be unraveled…

What’s in this release?

The MangaGamer release of Sona-Nyl of the Violet Shadows is a hybrid release featuring all of the content of the original adult version of the game and the later all-ages console release of the title, with the higher resolution graphics of the console edition. You can select Refrain, the all-ages version of the game, from the main menu of the adult version if you would prefer. The version distributed on Steam is Refrain, the all-ages version of the game, but a patch is available on the MangaGamer site to give the Steam version the same content and functionality as the MangaGamer release.

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