Destiny Star Girlfriend 2 Coming Soon to MangaGamer!

Destiny Star Girlfriend 2 from mirai and Shiravune is coming to MangaGamer in 2024! Pre-order to save 20%!

Average joe Seiji encounters another magical-girl wonderkid—this time in the form of the mysterious Maja at his neighborhood park! Intrigued by her aloof charm and possible hidden motive, he tries to say something, when a Majin appears out of nowhere to reveal Maja’s true identity—a ruthless warrioress in cahoots with evil in exchange for the darker arts… Stunned, Seiji agrees to serve as Maja’s familiar—her “satellite”—to aid them in taking down another, rival Majin’s demon hordes. He also stands to gain an impressive array of powers, but as a trade-off, he is tightly bound to Maja by a magical tether, connecting him to her around the clock! As fate would have it, this rope is essential for Seiji to receive a steady supply of magical force—or risk his new satellite body collapsing in the mortal realm.

Forced into cohabitation with the lovely Maja effective immediately, he soon learns of her “unique” blindspots—for better or worse, her guard stays perpetually down around our loyal but increasingly frustrated hero, resulting in plenty of questionable close calls and near-accidents…

Will an unlikely summer shack-up stir up something else between them, or will Seiji forever remain her indentured servant?

Developer: mirai
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Voiced except Protagonist

Pre-order and save 20%!

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