Meteor World Actor is Now Available on MangaGamer!

Meteor World Actor from Heliodor and Shiravune is now available on the MangaGamer store! Save a whopping 70% during launch!

Superpowered detective-noir.

  • Features
  • 30+ hours of superpowered detective-noir story by hit writer Syougo Kinugasa
  • Smooth and jazzy original soundtrack
  • Stylish art in glorious 1080p
  • Detailed, original science-fantasy setting where magic, technology, and realism collide
  • Four eligible heroines
  • Scenario

Elves are smart, long-lived, and attuned to the wind. Wips can manipulate flame. Segitts have incredible muscular strength.
Somehow, humans have learned to survive. In the racially-diverse technopolis of the Seventh Republic, they even dominate. Out of all the strange and terrible corners of the world, in this one, at least, humans can feel safe. Here, there’s strength in numbers.

One human, though? Pitifully outclassed against a single member of almost any other race; it’d never be a fair fight—unless that human was a Keeper or carrying some serious Class A police tech. But tech can be stolen, and far from all Keepers are on the side of justice. So how’s a nation supposed to keep the peace?

Strict border checks. Pervasive, draconian surveillance, with camera eyes and a computerized spine running signals to the heart of the NPA, the National Police Agency. And the physical hands of this digital dragon? The police themselves. Sometimes the hands of justice grip too tight.

Among the police, one division dares to stand against the current. One division dares to disobey orders, break regulations, refuse to work overtime, and generally make themselves useless to everyone, especially their bosses, but with the exception of people in need.

The 13th Division of the NPA. The Sideliners.

Developer: Heliodor
Publisher: Shiravune
Rating: Adult Only, Censored w/ Mosaics
Voice: Voiced Except Main Character

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