Bukkake Ranch v1.03 Patch

Korin wields the bug squashing mallet!

An update has been created to address some issues users have been experiencing with Bukkake Ranch. The patch changes are as follows:

1.03 Changes

– Incorrect item requirement checks on the synthesis recipes for the Year’s Supply of Boob Balls and Fluffy Helm of Wind could allow you to create the items without all the requirements, putting your item counts in the negatives. You can now only create these items if you have the proper items available.
– If you’ve managed to put your item count to negative, the game will self correct next time you go to the synthesis screen or perform gathering.

1.02 Changes

– Corrected incorrect item requirement check on the Directionless Compass.
– H-Scenes triggered by obtaining the Holey Bikini, Pheromone Lure, and Directionless Compass will no longer fail to play if you’ve obtained more than one of the required items. Players who were stuck unable to complete the ero-armor requirements should be able to do so now.

1.01 Changes

– Fixed the Holey Bikini H-Scene appearing in Japanese.
– Fixed an issue where the game could sometime crash during play and corrupt save games.

Download Now

Users downloading the game October 22st 2013 or later should already have the latest version (you can check your game version while playing in the Help->Version Info menu).

Building Tick Tack

ss (2013-05-20 at 08.47.09)

So it’s been a few weeks since Tick Tack has come out now, the game has been doing reasonably well. It might not be obvious to those playing the game (I hope it’s not!), but unlike recent titles we’ve released recently, Tick Tack was actually ported to a new game engine. I wanted to talk a little bit about why this happened, and my experience in porting the game. Also check out the end of the post for the game guide/walkthrough.
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