Koropokkur Kickstarter Goods – Now Available!

In case you missed out on backing the Koropokkur Kickstarter, or weren’t able to back any of the tiers for the non-Kickstarter exclusive goods – namely the bedsheet, hug pillow cover, keychains, wallscroll, and t-shirts, then worry not! These items are now available on our website in limited quantities, so don’t your chance before they are gone forever!

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Koropokkur in Love ~A Little Fairy’s Tale~ is Now Live on Kickstarter!

Our very first project as a developer is now LIVE on Kickstarter! After 10 years of localizing and publishing visual novels, MangaGamer is now creating its own original visual novel, Koropokkur in Love ~ A Little Fairy’s Tale~, with Hinoue Itaru (Character Designer and Leader Illustrator of Kanon, CLANNAD, Rewrite, etc.) as the lead character designer and illustrator. Through stretch goals the company aims to include Mac and Linux support, full voice acting by famous Japanese anime voice actresses, further expand upon the story, and bring the game to life with Live2D Animation!  Continue reading

Koropokkur Page is Now Live on Kickstarter!

We have a special announcement for you all today!

Following our Anime Expo announcement last year, we are working with Itaru Hinoue (character designer of acclaimed works like AIR, Clannad, Kanon, and Rewrite) to bring our very first project as a developer to English-speaking audiences! More information about the Kickstarter, Koropokkur itself, and our goal for this project are included in this blog post!

Over the next week, we want YOUR feedback on improvements you would like to see to our Kickstarter page! All feedback will be taken into consideration in order for our Kickstarter to be successful!

 Koropokkur Kickstarter Page is now live!

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