Imouto Paradise 1.01 Patch

Bad Hiyori

A patch for Imouto Paradise was prepared to address several concerns that have been reported by users. The list of fixes are as follows:

  • – Several users have expressed dismay in finding that Hiyori’s anus is partially obscured by mosaic during her spanking/anal beads/incontinence scene. We apologize for the inconvenience and have restored her anus to its former unaltered glory. Additional staff will be used in the future to verify anus visibility in all CG.
  • – The undocumented aspect ratio dialog that we didn’t even know existed (accessible via ctrl+t while in game) now has English text. Do note that this feature is unsupported and may cause weird issues when playing!
  • – Various typos and minor text issues have also been corrected.

You can download the patch HERE. To install, simply extract the zip file into your Imouto Paradise folder. As per usual, any downloads going forward after today should have the patch already applied.

Meet the Imoutos #1: Aya


This is Aya, the oldest of the (100% blood-related) sisters in Imouto Paradise. She is in many ways the perfect imouto. She cooks, cleans, and is receptive to her brother’s (your) lechery. As the maternal figure of the household, the other sisters look up to her to do all the daily chores that they can’t be arsed to do because they’re too busy trying to win their brother’s (perverted) attention. Continue reading